10 must-eat dishes in Danang


Here is a list of 10 specialties in Danang – a beautiful coastal city. hellodanangvietnam thinks that you should take a quick note in your Danang travel handbook.

Seasoned sauce rice noodles (bun mam nem)

Season sauce rice noodle

Seasoned sauce rice noodles (Source: Internet)

Da Nang rice noodles marks with a salty seasoned sauce made from sea fish, crispy roast pork slices, fresh vegetables and hot and spicy peppers. Besides, there also are fermented pork rolls, boiled pork slices, pig ears, young jackfruit and Vietnamese beef rolls.

Banh kep

This dish is listed on the top must-eat dishes in Danang which attracts a lot of visitors, especially young people. This dish has rice papers coated with eggs, dried beef, pate. When fried or grilled, it has an attractive smell. Banh kep not only is delicious but also have a reasonable price.

Cao lau

Cao Lau Danang

Cao lau Danang (Source: Internet)

This is Hoi An specialty, but when coming to Danang, visitors can still enjoy this delicious dish with “true taste and quality”. Cao Lau is delivered directly from Hoi An to keep it fresh. It is cooked during the day and served with raw vegetables, bean sprouts, and crispy pig skin.

Chicken rice

Chicken rice is an attractive choice for Danang people and tourists. Chicken is cooked in many different ways, such as torn chicken rice, roast chicken rice, boiled chicken rice, … and served with a bowl of soup and other side dishes, which looks tasty.


Coming to Danang in any season of the year, you can taste this specialty which meets all 3 criteria “delicious, nutritious, cheap”. Snails in Danang are diverse with more than 10 popular types. They are all carefully cooked and had a special smell that makes visitors stop by to try.

Rice cake (banh trang dap)

banh trang dap

Banh trang dap Danang (Source: Internet)

This is the traditional dishes of people in central provinces. This simple dish made of white rice. Thin cakes are grilled and spread with a layer of wet cake and some onions with oil. When eating, fold it in half and eat with salty but delicious sauce.

Pork rice paper rolls

Pork rice paper rolls

Pork rice paper rolls (Source: Internet)

It would be a mistake if visitors ignore this dish in Danang. The slices of boiled pork are rolled with rice papers, a layer of wet cake and eaten with raw vegetables, cucumber, green banana then dipped in sour sauce.

Dried beef and jackfruit mixture

This is one of the popular snacks of many Danang young people in cool afternoons. Dried beef, papaya slices, thin jackfruit slices with vegetables and greasy peanut has cheap price, only about 15,000 VND per serving.

Fresh seafood

Fresh seafood

Danang seafood (Source: Internet)

Visiting a coastal city like Danang but not enjoying delicious seafood here is a regret. Seafood in Danang is diverse and fresh with many types, such as shrimps, crabs, fish, squids, oysters… They are all cooked attractively and deliciously with reasonable price.

Banh xeo, nem lui

These 2 dishes are not listed on the top list of Danang culinary but also Vietnam culinary. Banh xeo has crispy coat outside but tough inside. When eating, there is a fatty smell. Nem lui is grilled delicious. These dishes are eaten with sweet and sour sauce, which is super tasty.

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