2 Weeks in Vietnam Sample Itinerary


A family always plays an important part in everyone life. Therefore, it is essential for you to take time and enjoy the best time with your family. You might wonder how to spend 2 weeks in Vietnam Sample Itinerary? In this writing, you will find out the schedule for your tour to Vietnam from the south to the north.

Ho Chi Minh City

We choose Ho Chi Minh as the starting point of the trip for Vietnam tours because if you are from the foreign area, it is usually much cheaper to get a flight ticket to get to Ho Chi Minh city than to Hanoi.


Ho Chi Minh City

Dubbed as the “Pearl of East Asia”, Ho Chi Minh City has long been a cultural, economic and political center of Vietnam. You should spend about five days to explore this place.

Traveling to this more than the 300-year-old city, you can meet the high-rise buildings located close to the sanctuary, amusement park, crowded shopping center. However, you can also meet ancient villas, beautiful architecture buildings, traditional markets that have existed for hundreds of years. Saigon is large and no shortage of “specialties” such as tourism along the Saigon River by boat, visit Western Pham Ngu Lao street, shopping at Ben Thanh market or visit Can Gio beach, etc.

On the last day of your voyage, you can travel by boat along the Mekong River to admire the surroundings before heading to the Cu Chi Tunnels. This is an underground tunnel system that includes housing, hospitals, arsenal, and ammunition. Interesting place for your travel to Vietnam, right?


Leaving Ho Chi Minh City to the north of Vietnam, you arrived in Hue. After a long journey, the first thing after coming to Hue is finding a breakfast bar to recharge, preparing for a long visit right.


Perfume River

Hue is known as the Festival City of Vietnam,  held for the first time in 2000. Hue is famous for the majestic Ngu Mountain next to the romantic Huong River poetry as well as many beautiful beaches. For those who like to travel: Lang Co Beach is one of the most beautiful bays in the world with gentle and pristine features like a smooth white sand, seawater in the sea. Thuan An Beach often has strong waves, suitable for water slide games, windsurfing, etc. Canh Duong Beach is relatively airy, sloping gently, fine white sand, very convenient for the organization of the type travel and sports.

Hue is also an ideal destination for those who love to explore and discover the historical and cultural relics of Vietnam. On this day the Hue tours are increasing because Hue City always preserves and preserves the tombs and temples hundreds of years old of kings.

With its world heritages, natural scenery, many historical relics, specialty products, especially garden houses are a special feature of Hue City such as An Hien garden house, Lac Tinh Vien, Ngoc Son garden house, Tu Ba Trang, Tinh Gia Vien together with the system of hotels, restaurants and other services, the city has become a very attractive tourist center.  You should spend four days in Hue to discover this place.

Hoi An


Old quarter in Hoi An

After a day of exploring Hue, through Hai Van Pass, you can get to Hoi An in the early morning, where you will have the opportunity to view beautiful sea scenery and peaceful life of local people. Hoi An is one of the most beautiful places in Vietnam, so you should spend spent 3 days exploring this city.

In addition to cultural values through diverse architecture, Hoi An still preserves a rather large intangible cultural background. The daily life of residents with customary customs, belief activities, folk arts, cultural festivals with poetic natural scenery, special dishes. All of these activities will give you the best Vietnam family tours.




The last but the must-go destination in your Vietnam tours for your journey you should visit is the capital of Vietnam- Hanoi. Hanoi is the capital of thousand years of civilization with ancient relics, peaceful life. If you have a trip to Hanoi, surely you cannot forget the typical atmosphere here, with Hoan Kiem Lake, West Lake, quiet cafés, small streets and street vendors. Here you can enjoy some of the unique foods in the country such as pho, banh mi, etc.

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