3 new destinations to visit in Da Nang this summer


Da Nang is not only a dynamic city with a great development but also a place to attract tourists with lots of impressive buildings and architectural symbols. In Da Nang, besides the familiar tourist destinations, there are many new beautiful places for you to explore. Van village, Tien Sa Lighthouse and Dong Xanh – Dong Nghe Lake are among new places where only a few people know about. However, their unique and natural beauty has recently become an attraction for a large number of tourists.

Van village

This is a small village at the foot of Hai Van Pass, located in the Nam Chon Gulf. The village is surrounded by forests, sea and completely separated from Da Nang City. The scenery here is so pristine that it is totally well-suited for camping tours to Central Vietnam at weekends. Before, Van Village was also known as leprosy village, because it was the home to people with leprosy living separately from the outside world.


Camping in Van Village

Because of being separated from the city, the way to Van Village is not easy. You can climb to the top of Hai Van Pass and walk down the mountain slope, take the boat off the gulf. Walking will be more difficult but there will definitely be many interesting experiences. However, by traveling by boat, you will have a chance to enjoy the windy blue sea. Some young people even choose to walk through the train trench and cross kilometers of bushes, but this way is very dangerous for your Vietnam private tours.


Van Village

Van Village area is divided into three areas for visitors to easily choose the campsite, which are the Main beach (Chinh Beach), Coconut beach (Dua Beach) and the most remote but also the most beautiful Xoan beach. The scenic landscape and quiet space will make visitors “ecstatic” and absolutely satisfied.

Tien Sa Lighthouse

Named as the most beautiful and ancient lighthouse in Vietnam, Tien Sa Lighthouse is located at the remote location at the top of Son Tra Island, which is about 20 km east of Da Nang. From the city, you can follow the direction to Linh Ung Pagoda, continue to go along Duong Dinh Nghe Street, then Hoang Sa and you will meet a crossroads. From here you have to continue the road about 2 km until you see a fork, turn right to a thousand-year-old tree, turn left to Tien Sa lighthouse.


Tien Sa Lighthouse

The lighthouse is 15.6 meters in height, about 2.7 meters in width, with a view of 14 nautical miles, about 230 meters above sea level. Tien Sa is beautifully designed with ancient but still modern colors. Climbing Tien Sa Lighthouse, you can have the panoramic view of both the forest and the sea of Son Tra. In addition, this is the new favorite place for Vietnam private tours among the young generation on social media because tourists can freely enjoy creating unique photos with the white lighthouse.

Dong Xanh – Dong Nghe Lake

Only 25 km west of Da Nang City center, Dong Xanh – Dong Nghe Lake is the destination during Central Vietnam tours for those who have any intentions to take a picnic at weekends. To get there, you have to go along the Highway 14B and the first image you will see is the dam of 645 meters in length and 25 meters in height. Under the dam, there is a vast green lake all year round and surrounded by grass covers.


Go kayaking in Dong Xanh Dong Nghe Lake

This is one of the irrigation works invested by Da Nang City with a water surface of 2.4 kilometers square. It takes tourists about 20 minutes to sail to reach the headwaters of the lake. And once reaching there, you can totally become a real farmer of Da Nang with interesting activities such as go camping, fishing, visit cattle farms, learn about reforestation, or hire and go kayaking, enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the lake. Thus, it is promised to be the new interesting tourist destination for any private tours in Vietnam.

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