A detailed review of 3-day-2-night Da Nang trip


Today, I will share you the review, a detailed schedule and cost of my Da Nang trip with my friend last year so that everyone can take reference. Except for the unsatisfactory Cu Lam Cham tour and other small things, basically, Da Nang is a great city.


– 18h00: The plane arrived in Da Nang, we were waiting for the motorcycle (in Da Nang, there is free service to delivery motorcycles to where you want, which is quite convenient).

The address for renting a motorbike we chose was Huu Long motorbike: 0962.200.179 – including 2 raincoats + 1 liter of gasoline + a map of Da Nang City.

Airfare: I looked for cheap plane tickets on April 8th but I bought from February 15th to have a good price. That period around April and May has long been considered as the best time to travel to Vietnam so that it easily runs out of airfare tickets. If you want a good price about 1tr for a round-trip ticket to buy, you should book tickets in the early-or-end September.

– 18h30: Checked in the hotel. During our Vietnam tailor-made tours, we stayed in the center of Da Nang City for transportation, eating convenience. The room is a little small, however, it has a beautiful bathroom, along with the reasonable price of 300,000 per night.

– 19h30: Went out for dinner. We ate rice paper rolls with pork belly at Dai Loc Restaurant: 97 Trung Nu Vuong. This restaurant is quite famous and delicious with only 30k for a full meal.


Rice paper rolls with pork belly

– After eating, we rode to the Dragon Bridge to check in the Love bridge and wait to see the Dragon Bridge in a fire, water spray. According to experience travel to Vietnam of myself, if you want to record the scene then you should stand under the bridge, but if you want to see the scene, then go up on the bridge.

– 21h – 21h08: The bridge sprayed water and fire.


The Dragon Bridge sprays water

– Then, we went straight to My Khe Beach, roamed around Da Nang City waiting for the rotating Han River Bridge. But unluckily, the bridge does not rotate on Saturdays, we stood under the river to look up that it turned a little bit then stop. What a regret!

– After that, we found a small vendor for a night snack and returned to the hotel.


– 6:30: Prepared, went to breakfast and rode to Ba Na Hills to play till 2 pm afternoon. We will share you some useful tips to go to Ba Na Hills in your Vietnam tailor-made tours:

+ Try to go early to play comfortably. Ba Na cable car service starts at 7h30.

+ From the foot of the mountain, go cable car to the first station, then you get down and travel by the mountain train to go the wine cellar, flower garden, Linh Ung Pagoda – Here, you can freely enjoy the scenery and check-in. Then you return to the cable car station to go to the next station.

+ At this station, there will be an indoor amusement park and a French-Vietnamese village with ancient French architecture. You should explore the indoor park first, go out for lunch and then explore French-Vietnamese village after. Then you return to the city.



– 17:00: Went to My Khe Beach, took photos of one of the 6 most beautiful beaches in the world in 2005.

– 19:00: Search for Nam Danh seafood restaurant (This restaurant is deep in the alley and far from the center, only Da Nang people usually come here to eat). Any dish here is 60,000 VND. I personally love the streamed squids.

– After finished dinner, we rode the motorcycle back to the Han River Bridge, before going to sleep.

Tip: At 22:45, you go to the bridge, stop the vehicles and look the bridge rotate.


– 6:30: Got up and rode to the port of Cua Dai to Cu Lao Cham, the final destination in our Vietnam tour. The road from Da Nang to Cu Lao Cham is approximately 40km, which is very beautiful.

– 9:00: Boat departs to the island. We snorkeled, had a bath and lunch at the beach.

Note: Cu Lao Cham is the biosphere reserve of the world, famous for its beautiful coral reefs. However, in recent years, corals have died, so on that day, when I dived to see them, I could only saw few of them (quite disappointing). In return, the beach here is very beautiful, with shady coconut palms at noon.


Cu Lao Cham Beach

According to the schedule of Cu Lao Cham travel, the tour would go to Hai Tang pagoda, similar to the ancient Cham Pa but it was cut today (actually I was also not interested in those places). So during that trip, we only went snorkeling, had lunch on the island and then returned to land.

With a cost of 530,000 – 600,000 VND for a one-day tour to Cu Lao Cham Island for snorkeling and having lunch, you should think twice before making a decision. Personally, it was too expensive for me.


Coral reef watching

–  14:00 we started to get back to the land.

– About 17:00, we went to the Hoai River to drop flowers on the river.

It cost about 50,000 to 60,000 VND for one time riding on a boat along the river for 2 people. However, you should clearly negotiate the amount of time you want before with the boatman because he usually rowed for a while. Even if you had commented with him at that time, you would not have understood what he was saying because the local accent is much harder than English.

– For dinner, we ate Ms. Nga Chicken Rice at the address no.8 Phan Chau Trinh for 40,000 per portion. This restaurant is highly reviewed and worth to try. After that, we came back to the hotel to prepare luggage and say goodbye to Da Nang City.

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