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As one of the most rapidly developing cities of Vietnam, Danang is state-of-the-art and dynamic. For many years, it was considered a rural town and often passed by tourists. Now, Danang is one of the must-see destinations when you visit Vietnam. If you prefer more off-the-beaten-path destination, Danang definitely should be on your list.

There are many activities, places to see and things to do. hellodanangvietnam offer a list of the things you simply cannot miss when you set foot here.

1. Hit the beach

Da Nang Beaches

Danang owns the cleanest beaches in South East Asia (Source: Internet)

Danang is surrounded by beaches. They might not be as beautiful as those you will see in Nha Trang or Phu Quoc, but they are very clean, possibly the cleanest in South East Asia. The beaches are mostly deserted during the day until around 3 PM, so you can enjoy a quiet stroll on the sand.

2. Visit Lady Buddha

Walking along the main beach, a tall and white statue in the distance will attract your notice. That is a 67-meter tall statue of Lady Buddha, which is supposed to guard the coastline of Danang and take care of the local fishermen who risk their lives in the oceans every day. It is the tallest statue in Vietnam and belongs to Son Tra Linh Ung Pagoda complex.

3. “Check out” heaven and hell in Marble Mountains

Marble Mountain in Danang

Above is a stunning small temple in Marble Mountains. Marble Mountains in Danang is surrounded by caves and carved walls. There are illustrations of what await people in hell. Many pagodas spreading around the area are very remarkable and enthralling.

4. Visit the dragon

The sceneries of Danang at night are amazing. One of the most famous attractions is located at the city center, Dragon Bridge. At night, it is lit beautifully and on every Saturday and Sunday, at 9 o’clock, it will spit fire, which is definitely a breathtaking show.

5. Go shopping

Clothes are unexpectedly inexpensive in Danang. Con Market and Han Market are two biggest markets in Danang. You can go here to buy cheap food and clothes, or if you just want to see how life goes in Danang, these are the best places to observe real local markets.

6. Embark on a road trip

If you can ride a scooter, it is a great idea to go on a round trip outside of town. Son Tra Peninsula is one the biggest attractions in the area. Mesmerizing Hai Van Pass is also worth exploring. You can always hire a taxi or go on one of Danang tours offered in Vietnam, which will take you to all of the essential places. Or you can also take a train or bus from Danang to Hue to enjoy the enthralling views of Hai Van Pass from the safety of your seat.

7. Visit Asia Park

Visit Asia Park

Sun Wheel in Asia Park (Source: Internet)

Proud as one of the largest and state-of-the-art amusement parks in South East Asia, Asia Park offers Sun Wheel, one of the biggest Ferris wheels in the world. You can enjoy an amazing view of the city and all outstanding feature of Danang night landscape. It is recommended to visit the park at night.

8. Go to Angkor Wat of Vietnam

Angkor Wat of Vietnam

Angkor Wat of Vietnam (Source: Internet)

A little bit less impressive than Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, but My Son Holy Land promises a great understanding of the country’s past. It takes around 40 minutes of driving from Danang and there are many tour operators that organize trips to this famous sightseeing in Vietnam.

9. Snorkel in Cham Islands

Located just one hour by boat from the coastline of Danang, Cham Islands is a very beautiful spot. Water around here is crystal clear so you can see plenty of colorful coral reefs and fish. You can visit here for a day trip or camp for a few days.

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