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Best places to enjoy Girdle Pancake in Danang


Danang is a pretty city with a lot of attractions. Besides beautiful landscapes, Danang is also famous for a lot of delicious foods. Girdle pancake is a must-eat food and you should try in a tailor-made private Vietnam tour in this city. Check out top famous girdle cake restaurants you can have a wonderful girdle cake party in your Danang tour now!

1. Mrs. Hoa girdle cake

This is the most famous and favorite 

restaurant located at 62A/2A, Nui Thanh, Hai Chau, Danang. The girdle pancakes in this restaurant are very delicious. They are grilled properly so that the cakes taste soft and smell very delicious. Especially, the thick salty-sweet-peppery sauce of this restaurant makes this dish more attractive. This restaurant is opened from 14.30 – 22.00. Each serving of girdle pancake here only costs 5.000 – 12.000 VND. Although it’s located in a small alley, the restaurant is always crowding because the foods here are extremely delicious.


[Mrs. Hoa girdle pancake]

2. Mrs. Hoang girdle pancake

Another address you should come to enjoy a nice girdle pancake in your Vietnam tailor-made private tours in Danang is Mrs. Hoang’s girdle pancake at K142/46/09 Dien Bien Phu Street, Thanh Khe. This restaurant is opened from 16.00 – 22.00. The price for each serving of girdle pancake in this restaurant is ranging from 5.000 – 10.000 VND. The cake in Mrs. Hoang’s restaurant is served with salty-sweet dried-beef sauce, making the dish much tastier. Besides girdle pancake, this restaurant has many other delicious street foods you can try in your Danang food tour.


[Mrs. Hoang girdle pancake]

3. Tran Ke Xuong girdle pancake restaurant

Located at 9/3 Doan Thi Diem Street, Hai Chau, Danang, Tran Ke Xuong girdle pancake restaurant is also a favorite dining address although it’s quite hard to find the way to this restaurant. Coming to this restaurant and try the amazing taste of this dish in Tran Ke Xuong restaurant would be one of the most exciting things to do in Danang. This restaurant has the strangest tastes of girdle pancake in Danang, including dry salted shredded meat, omelet, dry pate, wet pate, wet egg, etc.


[Tran Ke Xuong girdle pancake]

Moreover, there are many amazing versions of girdle pancake you can try like pate, egg, or dried-beef steamed rolled rice pancake tasting soft, charming, and very attractive. This restaurant is opened from 15.00 – 22.00 and the price of girdle pancake is ranging from 5.000 – 10.000 VND.

4. Mrs. Nam girdle pancake

Mrs. Nam girdle cake is located at 96/93 Dien Bien Phu Street, Thank Khe District. It’s opened from 14.00 – 22.00. With the spacious and tidy interior, friendly staffs, this is also a famous restaurant you should drop in and try this Danang’s specialty. This restaurant has many types of girdle pancake, all of which are tasty and attractive. Besides, this restaurant also has a lot of “hot” street foods which are preferred by the young recently. The tasty sauce is another highlight of this restaurant.


[Mrs. Nam girdle pancake]

5. Mrs. Lien girdle pancake

With the spacious and airy interior, great hygiene, and a diverse menu, Mrs. Lien girdle pancake is one of the most attractive restaurants you should come in your tailor-made private Vietnam tour in Danang. It’s located at 33 Tran Tong Street, Hai Chau District, and opened from 14.30 – 21.00. Eating in this restaurant, you can try many tasty street foods like soft yogurt, grilled bread with pate and honey, and tasty drinks, etc.


[Mrs. Lien girdle pancake]

The girdle pancakes of this restaurant are fragrant, tasty, have thick fillings, and amazing taste. Moreover, these pancakes are processed into many dishes like girdle pancake with pate/egg/dried-beef fillings, steamed rolled pancake with egg/pate/dried-beef fillings, girdle cake sprinkled with egg/dried-beef. It will certainly impress and enchant you strongly.

6. Mrs. Bi girdle pancake

This restaurant is at 325/21 Hung Vuong Street, Hai Chau District, Danang, opened from 16.00 – 22.00. This small restaurant is one of the most favorite and famous eating address in this stunning city for delicious and cheap food. Many favorite dishes in this restaurant, which are highly preferred by diners in Danang, are grilled girdle cake with pate, Saigon steamed rolled pancake, and soft girdle cake with butter sauce, etc.


[Mrs. Bi girdle pancake]

Steamed rolled pancake with pate and girdle pancake with pork filling are served with tamarind sauce or dried-beef sauce, making the dishes greatly delicious. The price is ranging from 10.000 – 20.000 VND per serving of girdle pancake.

These are top suggested girdle pancake restaurants in Danang. There are many other good restaurants you can drop in and have a nice food tour in this city. Come and try girdle pancake to a wonderful trip to this stunning coastal city of Vietnam.

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