Break down the myth behind Danang’s Five-element Mountains


If you ever search for the best things to do in Danang, Marble Mountains will definitely catch your sight. “Marble Mountains” is now the official name along with a colloquial label called Five-element Mountains and usually recalled as one of Danang’s icons. Lied roughly 8 kilometers away from Danang downtown towards the Southeast, these six mounts now become the must-see in any Danang tour.


Danang Panorama

Following up to this point, you may question yourself, “Five elements” but made out of “six mounts?”. Here lies the truth, Marble Mountains were formed based on a chain of five smaller mountains, which are named Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. The thing is our “Water Mount” contains two smaller peaks, which accordingly make it six instead of five.

According to geologists, Marble Mountains were once onshore alluvium-deposited islands linking with the peninsula through a natural bridge. Constant effects gradually created mystic caves as well as colorful marble stones, which were scattered through each piece of the mountains themselves. For instance, Water Mount owns pink marble, Wood Mount was found with white marble, red marble in Fire Mount whilst brownish types were discovered on Earth Mount.


Giant Marble Mountains

For the time being, Marble Mountains complex is a highly famed destination in Danang. What makes this site a big name does not only rely on the geology factor itself but also a mystic rumor behind the birth of the mountain as well as latent ancient buildings waiting for you to explore. Either you are about to sign up for a Danang private tour or a Southern Vietnam group tour featured Danang in its itinerary, the Mountains will surely stay as a top pick.

Scattering through these five peaks are ancient shrines, vintage constructions, and natural grottos. Metal Mount somehow looks like a giant egg laid beside natural lakes and rice paddies. A climax of Metal Mount is a nostalgic Temple of Guan Yin alongside with an esoteric Guan Yin cave. Meanwhile, Water Mount is virtually getting a little more outstanding with a chain of famous holy temples and shrines such as Tam Thai Pagoda, Tam Tôn Pagoda, River Observation Tower, Hoa Nghiêm Cave, Huyền Không Cave and the list goes on.


Climbing up the top

Paying a visit to the Five-element Mountains, apart from a unique sightseeing tour, you also have a chance to witness manual masterpieces made out of marble stones placed in a huge campus of Non Nước Marble Stone Village which is now spotted at the foot of Marble Mountains. The village was proudly listed in the nation’s traditional trade villages roundup with its existence of over 400 years of age. Artisans at Non Nước Village, nowadays, due to the preservation and development of Marble Mountains, have started to collect elements at different places all over the country in the process of making artwork. Products made out of marble here is various in diversified sizes, shapes, and colors, such as Buddha statues, Christian Gods, and Goddesses, holy Oriental animals, furniture as well as a wide range of jewelry such as bracelets, rings, and necklaces.


An artisan casting a statue

In addition to the complex of Five-element Mountains, what else visitors can be offered? Danang is nationally known as the city of bridges. Iconic names that can be listed as Han River Bridge, Dragon Bridge, Trần Thị Lý Bridge and Love Bridge. These are located right in the middle of Danang downtown, which gives you zero worry about too much movement. For sea lovers, Phạm Văn Đồng Beach is more favored by Danang locals rather than the sensational Mỹ Khê Beach. In terms of museums, the Museum of Cham Sculpture is a must-see that you should not forget, which aims to display ancient artifacts relating to the lost kingdom of Champa in current Central Vietnam.


Phạm Văn Đồng Beach

If you find it pretty time-consuming and kind of getting lost at the beginning when having no idea where to kick-start your Danang tour with, do not hesitate to contact your nearest local tour operator and let your whole excursion customized beforehand. Now, all you need to do is pack your bags and start exploring Danang right way.

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