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Similar to what people think about Dong Ba Market as a landmark of Hue, Con Market is a must-see for any Danang trips. This busy market has been closely tied to the life of Danang people for such a long time. Let’s take Vietnam private tour to see more about this interesting destination.

The history of Con Market

The market was first established in 1940 in a reedy sand dune and named “cho Con”, which means “the market on the dunes”. There were only temporary small stalls made from bamboo then. The French invaders decided to build an arsenal here, which later on turned into a trading market when the Vietnamese army liberated and took control of the city.


Con Market in Danang

In 1984, the authority of Quang Nam Province had this place rebuilt to turn it into a trading center with an area of 14,000 square meters, including 01 3-floor building, 01 2-floor building, and 06 market sections. It was no longer officially called “Cho Con” (Con Market) but renamed to “Trung Tam Thuong Nghiep Da Nang” (Danang Business Center). However, the name “cho Con” is still a more familiar name with the local people.

Between 1990 and 2005, it used to be the largest wholesale and retail market in Danang.

In 2012, the old name “cho Con” was given back to the market but very soon after that, the local authority decided to demolish this market and Han Market to form new commercial centers. However, because the citizens strongly opposed to this proposal and wanted to preserve the traditional values of the market, the project was canceled.

Con Market nowadays


A bustling trading day in Con Market

Nowadays, Con Market has about 2,000 business households with diversified commodities. It is not simply a market but also an attractive destination which draws in around 10,000 domestic and international tourists each year.

Con Market is where travelers taking a Vietnam private tour can find several Danang specialties without worrying about the expensive price or bad quality. Although there have been more and more shopping centers built in the city, Con Market is still very crowded and preferred by the locals.

Street Food in Con Market

Tourists take tailor-made private Vietnam tours to this market mostly to try the special Vietnamese cuisine here. Con Market is quite well-known for the various tasty delicacies of not only Danang and the Central provinces but also other regions in Vietnam.


Paradise of street food

Strolling around the street food in the market, visitors would be not able to stand themselves from swallowing your saliva. Several visually attractive and fragrant foods are displayed on the small food stalls along the market. Here you can find the famous Danang street foods such as “banh canh” (Vietnamese-style Udon), “my Quang” (Quang noodles), “goi kho bo” (salad with beef jerky), “banh bot loc” (water fern cake), “che” (Vietnamese sweet soup), “banh xeo” (Vietnamese crepe), etc. Surprisingly, even though there are no big tables and chairs for customers to sit on, the stalls are always crowded. They just need some small plastic chairs and bamboo food trays.

The space in the food street is exceptionally narrow, crowded, and clients need to eat quickly to give seats to the later comers. Even so, these stalls are always crowded with both locals and tourists.

It must have been the cheap price and the good tastes that draw the huge attention from the visitors. The price ranges from VND 5,000 to VND 25,000 for a full dish or cup of food and drink (around $1). In other words, you can get your stomach full with only around VND 100,000 only – a price that you can never find in big restaurants.

Taking a Vietnam culinary tour to Con Market, you cannot stop yourself from eating as everything looks so appealing and ambrosial. The scrumptious tastes of traditional Vietnamese foods will definitely leave you in awe.

Dried food section

Aside from the eateries where you can try the food right away, there are also sections where the dried foods are sold. Here there are the dried foods like jerky, dried squid, dried sweet potato, etc., and some special sauces like “mam nem” and “mam tom” – the wonderful sauces for meat dishes. Travelers can also find the rustic snacks of Vietnamese people here.


It is a must-see for Danang trips

Moreover, the market also supplies other goods like leather, handicrafts, and “non la”, which would be perfect as souvenirs.

On the whole, Con Market is an exceptionally appealing destination for Vietnam tour for family. Do not hesitate to go there as its traditional looks and attractive cuisine will never let you down.

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