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Conquer the Easternmost point in Vietnam


Have you ever heard about the easternmost point in Vietnam? One good news is that today, there have been more and more tour operators offering low-cost Vietnam all-inclusive packages to the spot! But first, let’s find out why the place is a worth visit destination.

Where is it?

There’s been a dispute over the exact location of Vietnam’s easternmost point.

At present, near Mui Dien lighthouse (also called Dai Lanh), people have built a marble plaque inscribed with the words “The easternmost point – first to receive the sunlight on the land of Vietnam.” Another point is located via GPS, marked on a relatively high rock in Mui Doi.


Mui Dien in Phu Yen Province

Theoretically, the easternmost point on the mainland is in the territory of Mui Doi in Khanh Hoa Province. However, there is also the hypothesis that the axis of the Earth is not parallel to the axis of the sun but is inclined at an angle of 23.5 degrees. Therefore, the light density of any point on the earth will change over the course of a year. Then, Mui Dien, at the height of 85m above sea level, will welcome the dawn first.


Mui Doi in Khanh Hoa province

Whether it is Mui Dien or Mui Doi, they are undoubtedly the top must-go destinations in Vietnam for all passionate travelers.

Mui Doi

Mui Doi is situated in Dam Mon Fishing Village in Van Phong Bay, Van Ninh District, Khanh Hoa Province, about 80 km from Nha Trang City. This is an integral part of all Vietnam all-inclusive packages with tours to the furthest point of the S-shaped land.

Around the beginning of the year, from January to May is the most suitable time to start the journey because the weather is not too hot or rainy. Meanwhile, the period between September and December is the wet season, not the ideal time to travel. The trip involves a lot of exciting activities and you have to be really physically fit to take part in them all. You will have to climb the rock, walk through seemingly endless sand dunes, set up sleeping tents on secluded beaches, or climb the cliffs by rope like professional athletes.

Nonetheless, after all, you will be rewarded with a beautiful natural scene spreading under your feet. Looking at the great combination of the sky and the sea, you will be the first one to touch the sun on the S-shaped land of Vietnam. At that time, you will love the beautiful country more than ever before.


First sunlight of a new day

According to many experienced travelers, the ideal departure time to reach Moi Doi from Nha Trang is 6:30 AM.

Mui Dien

Mui Dien, also called Mui Dai Lanh, Mui Nay, Mui Ba, is located in Hoa Tam village, Dong Hoa District, Phu Yen Province. This is the place that all foreigners who travel to Vietnam want to conquer.


A beauty by Ca Mountain Pass

Mui Dien Lighthouse was built by the French in 1890. From the lighthouse looking out, you’ll see the blue sea and the floating clouds. On the one side, there is the famous Bai Mon Beach while the other side features cliffs standing up against the sea. Right at the foot of the lighthouse, you can see the entrance to Mui Dien with large boulders along the way. Boats look so small on the huge ocean. Standing high, inhaling fresh air in the space, you’ll feel mightly relieved and full of energy.

If you want to watch the sun rising from the beach, you must start from Tuy Hoa City at 5 AM because there are no hotels or hostels near Mui Dien.

Many tourists coming here have chosen to wear red clothes with printed a gold star to take pictures at the dawn. At that moment, love for the country suddenly blooms. And you’ll know that all of the efforts you have made to reach Mui Dien is paid off.

One good thing is that now you can arrive at Moi Doi and Mui Dien with Vietnam travel packages. That means you will not have to face many difficulties while traveling to the spots and can enjoy the trip fully.

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