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Da Nang travel review

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Last year, I spent 30th April and 1st May in Da Nang, in the Middle of Vietnam, where is commonly considered as the most worth living city in Vietnam. I traveled to Da Nang hoping for to see one of the most beautiful mountains in the country – Ba Na Hills, the legendary bridge named Dragon Bridge, delicious food, and other famous tourist destinations.  

Here’s my sharing about must–see destinations in Da Nang.

Places to visits in Da Nang

Ba Na Hills

About 40km from Da Nang city, there is a stunningly beautiful mountain in the Southwest called Ba Na Hills. When I first came here, Ba Na Hills in my mind is like the next Da Lat and an ancient European city on the coast of the East Sea. I felt like I was lost in a fairyland and every hustle and bustle seemed to disappear. There is one thing left behind the crowd and noise is the harmonization of the greenery, the singing of birds, the splash of water tumbling over rocks, and the sound of the wind blowing.

Bana Hills Cable Car

Ba Na Hills Cable car (Source: Internet)

The most impression that I had was the cable car where I can see a perfect picture of primitive forests, marvelous waterfalls, flying birds, and monkey climbing trees below the cabin. After getting out of the cabin on the top of Ba Na Hills, I felt the cool fresh air and a bit chilly.  Around me was pristine forests and the mountain was covered in fog.

Then I made an exciting discovery inside Bar Debay which is an underground wine – cellar built by French in 1923.  Besides, I had a great time at Fantasy Park, a very large amusement park, where I pushed myself into many thrilling games such as roller coaster, spinning wheels with super high speed, and fantastic 3D and 4D movies.  I really enjoy my adventurous journey in Ba Na Hills.

Thrilling game at Fantasy Park

Thrilling game at Fantasy Park (Source: internet)

Dragon Bridge

Located near the airport, a magnificent view of a huge iron dragon connecting two sides of Han River came into my sight right after taking off. When the evening comes, it looks like there is a fire dragon snaking on the river. The most exciting thing that I have heard before but I have never seen that is when the dragon breaths fire in the stroke of 9 every evening on the weekend.

As  Da Nang is the city which holds the International Firework Festival every year from the end of April to the end of June, I jumped at the chance of seeing a light party with a huge firework display and music at midnight.

When I stood on the Love Lock Bridge near the Dragon Bridge, I was rewarded by not only a lot of firework colors in the sky but also an expansive vista of a dragon breathing fire from its mouth. In my mind, Da Nang is like a king of light. I advise all spectators not forgetting your camera to have the best memory about Dragon Bridge.

Dragon Bridge

A view of Dragon Bridge at night (Source: Internet)

Delicious and cheap food

When I got Da Nang, I walked around every corner here to explore Da Nang’s authentic local cuisines. I really enjoyed Banh cuon trang thit heo, consumed on the riverside with a view of a fire dragon, around tables shared with my smiling friends, local people and even strangers from all over the world.

Then, I spent the midnight wandering around night streets of the city looking for Ben Tre Coconut – 190 Bach Dang where I can both enjoy natural coconut and observe the beautiful Han River and Dragon Bridge. In Da Nang, you could eat very tasty dishes at a reasonable price from 15.000 to 20.000 VND  such as a bowl of fish cake noodle soup, sauce noodles, fragrant baked meat and rice noodles.

For fresh and delicious seafood, nowhere can’t beat the beautiful port city – Da Nang. All the seafood dishes here just cost you about a few hundred thousand VND.

Danang Cuisine

Diversity of Da Nang‘s cuisines (Source: Internet)

I have been to many tourist destinations but Da Nang is where I ended up falling in love with, thanks to the beauty of mountains, beaches, food and friendly people. This is my most memorable experience in my life. One day, I will definitely return to Da Nang to see more changes. What about you? Share with hellodanangvietnam your experience when traveling to Vietnam by leaving comments.

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