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Danang, a highly repeated city in the Central region of Vietnam, has gained fame with its dynamic and lively ambiance as well as captivating opportunities for both working and traveling.

Nevertheless, that is not all we know. Formed and developed along with the history of its country, Danang is accordingly packed with a wide range of traditional souls and rituals. As a result, this article features 3 iconic festivals in this city which is a chance for any of you who simply want to learn more about the city of your upcoming trip.

Guanyin Festival

Guanyin, another term referred to one of the most well-known Buddha in the Buddhism system, Goddess of Compassion. Vietnam, with roughly 8 percent of the population following Buddhism, famous festivals held in the aim of honoring Gods and Goddesses of the religion has been a long-lasting tradition.

People gathering at Guanyin Festival

People gathering at Guanyin Festival

Guanyin Festival, therefore, becomes a traditional event of Da Nang celebrated yearly on the 19th of lunar February on Marble Mountain Resort. The first celebration was made in 1960. However, due to some objective matters of facts, the festival was long delayed until of Guanyin’s Birthday anniversary in 1991, the event was then recovered and improved in a development in both scale and content. The event lasts for 3 days consisting of two parts: ceremony and festival. Guan Yin festival lasts 3 days and includes two parts: ceremony and festival. The ceremony was kind of a prayer for the best security of the country, citizens’ safety, and national peace. On the other next days, Buddhist usually send lists of their beloved relatives who passed away to the temple for the requiem. Not to mention, it is an official policy to invite an authorized representative to be the master of the event. Beyond, the festival is also filled with modern camouflage carnival, folk-song performances, chess contest, painting, and dancing.

Cau Ngu Festival

Cau Ngu (or Whale Worshiping), one of the most reputed festivals in Danang, is a cultural event taken place on the 16th of lunar January that automatically falls into February of Western calendar.

Fishermen design their boats with colorful flags

Fishermen design their boats with colorful flags

Cau Ngu is basically a tradition expressing our utmost respect and thankfulness to the biggest animal known in the sea, whales. Traditionally inherited, whales are supposed to be supportive towards those sailormen caught in the middle of the storm or disaster off-shore. Hence, this festival was then created consisting of activities such as the Whale Worshiping ritual, peace-praying ceremony. All at once, other cultural and sport events such as the fish-net weaving contest, on-shore soccer game or tug-of-war all appeal huge number of attendants.

During its progress, the middle altar is decorated with colorful flags and accessories. Fishermen now take this chance to go creative with showy flowers and lanterns on their own boats.

Hoa My Village Festival

This village was officially named and formed in 1825. After such a long time of history, this unique event was therefore held every year in February (which marks the 12th of lunar January), so as to remind our younger generations about the gratefulness towards their ancestors who put a lot of effort in reclaiming this land, and also to make plans for the year coming. Due to the Vietnam War event, this organization was disappointingly delayed within a long period of time before showing up again in 1994.

Village Temple is where all citizens gather for a special festival

Village Temple is where all citizens gather for a special festival

Hoa My Village Festival lasts for a day and a half. The worshiping process is performed including two parts: Vong Festival (recollecting) and Hoi Hy Festival (getting together). The opening of this celebration is a classical racing captivating both the young and old, which followed by interesting recreations such as cake-baking or flower-arrangement contests.

Tug-of-war, the soul of this festival always appeals tons of audiences. This is also a type of social exchange where households and families gather all together in order to share and tip on a better future.

This can be an absolutely smart choice if you are aspiring for a type of cultural tour in Danang. If this energetic city is your upcoming exploration, do not hesitate to give it a go, to wallow yourselves in our stunning and joyful events. Grab this advice right away for your holiday in Danang and you will not be let down!

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