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Danang excursion in 3 days 2 nights | Sample itinerary


TripAdvisor is inevitably listing countless of answers on what to do, where to go or what to eat once you happen to toss “Danang tour” into its search bar. These suggestions indeed turn out to be really helpful. However, the thing is you may get stuck with other upcoming questions, “How can I put all these things in the most logical way” and “How much time should I save for Danang?” That is the reason why a local advice seems to be so useful in this case. Check out a sample route below to see what you can be offered when attending a Danang tour!


Danang panorama

Day 1: Saigon – Danang – Sơn Trà Peninsula – Marble Mountains

Morning: This is applied as you choose to book the whole package with departure venue set in Saigon. In this case, either your tour guide may pick you up at your hotel and move to Tân Sơn Nhất Airport for a domestic flight to Danang or you will be requested to arrive in Danang yourself. In this way, you still have a driver pick you up at your hotel and see you off at the airport. The latter option is usually picked for a Danang private tour.

Reaching Danang International Airport, you and your group are picked up by a local tour guide and first arrive in Sơn Trà Peninsula. The very first destination at the Peninsula is Linh Ứng Pagoda, which is widely seen as the largest Buddhist temple all over Central Vietnam, with a climax of a 67-meter Goddess of Compassion or Guan Yin in the local term. Afterward, there is a chance that you would be treated with a typical and iconic exotic food in Danang, Vietnamese rice paper rolls with pork. After lunch, a short nap after check in at a local accommodation may be needed.


Danang International Airport

Afternoon: Kickstart the second half of your first day by moving to Marble Mountains. On the way, you will pass through Non Nước Marble Carving Village for an opportunity to admire and witness a huge range of masterpieces of all sizes and shapes made out of marble stones. This is followed by conquering 108 stairs on one of the six different peaks of Marble Mountains to visit a hidden ancient pagoda. A free night strolling around is a good choice for the first day in Danang.


Linh Ứng Pagoda

Day 2: Danang – Mỹ Khê Beach – Bana Hill

Morning: After breakfast, which is usually a buffet, you now start to conquer Bana Hill, a newly established as well as a pride of Danang. Over here, immerse yourself in a French-dominant vibe European-styled buildings and a huge archive of recreation and relaxation, enclosed with a vast greenish nature. You will also have a chance to visit Debay Wine Cellar created by the French themselves in 1923 after crossing in a mountain railroad. Moreover, other focal points at the site include a 100-year-old grapefruit tree, a Sarnath Garden and so on. Now it is time to fill up your stomach at a local restaurant after a jubilant morning.


Bana Hill

Afternoon: Embark your other half of the second day with a trek up to the peak of Chúa Mountain located 1487 meters above sea level. Explore further to the Fantasy Park, a high-ranking amusement complex all over Vietnam. At around 15:00, farewell to Bana and move back to Mỹ Khê Beach, one of the most sought-after beaches worldwide.

Check in the most famous bridges in Danang when night falls, such as Love Bridge, Han River Bridge or the most recognized one, Dragon Bridge.

Day 3: Mỹ Khê Beach – Departure

You can start to get back at Mỹ Khê Beach for one last time or move further to Phạm Văn Đồng Beach, a local hangout spot if it does not take you too much time to travel. After that, get your stomach full with a breakfast buffet treat, pack your bags and get ready to say goodbye to Danang.


Mỹ Khê Beach

This seems to be the most standardized sample for any who have not been to Danang before. If you are traveling with family and kids are around, this can be absolutely used as a Danang family tour without a doubt. In case you are not a fan of traveling with other strangers in a group, a demand for Danang tailor-made private tours with the same itinerary is genuinely no issue.

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