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The first destination when going on Vietnam culture tours is Danang. So which festival do we have when taking a cultural tour in Danang? Here are some Danang festivals for you to explore:

Danang Fireworks Festival or commonly known as "Danang Festival". The festival is held every year from 30 April to 1 May. In 2017 Danang fireworks festival is held for two months from 29 April to 24 June. Fireworks will be shot on five Thursday which means on April 29, May 20, May 27, June 3 and 24.

Danang Fireworks Festival

Danang Fireworks Festival

On the fireworks festival, Danang sky is brighter. It’s sparkling under the bright lights make the city more dynamic, bustling and more passionate. During the atmosphere of firework festival is a lot of events and festivals are accompanied by the Cham cultural festival, funny street festival and unique cuisine space with interesting promotions.

Danang Fireworks Festival attracts a large number of visitors every year.

Da Nang fireworks Festival in 2017 is located in front of the Han bridge on Bach Dang street and opposite the Novotel. People can sit at beautiful coffee shops in Danang near the Han River to watch the fireworks and chat with friends.

Fireworks ticket prices are announced with the following prices: C3 stands: 200,000 VND / ticket, C2 seats: 250,000 VND / ticket, C1: 300,000 VND / ticket , B4: 400,000 VND / ticket, B3: 500,000 VND / ticket (reference price).

Muc Dong parade festival

Muc Dong parade festival

Muc Dong parade festival

Muc Dong parade festival is a festival held for the young shepherd at Hoa Vang, Phong Le, Hoa Chau villages. The festival is held every three years and takes place in the last two days of the third lunar month with the expectation of a bountiful crop.

The Muc Dong parade Festival has many activities that take place during the two days with the colorful colors and the warmth of the homely people here. Throughout the festival there will be attractive folk games, the unique performances of the young shepherd will leave an impression on visitors in Da Nang.

Cau Ngu Festival

Cau Ngu Festival, also known as the Ca Ong Festival (Whale Festival), is one of the largest traditional festivals of the fishermen in Da Nang. Ong is a respective name that the fisherman name for the whale, a kind of fish that often help them when they’re in danger in the sea.

Ca Ong Festival is organized in the form of the Cau Ngu Festival with the aspiration to be peaceful in the life of fishermen, expecting a good year with full of fish every time. Festivals are usually held in coastal areas such as Thai Quang, Xuan Ha, Hoa Hiep, etc. after Tet holiday.

Spending ©, visitors will experience and understand more about the customs and habits of the people as well as the traditional culture of the great tradition passed from generation to generation in every traditional festival in the beautiful city of Da Nang.

Carnival Festival in Ba Na Hills

Danang Carnival Festival

Danang Carnival Festival

Carnival is an annual festival organized by the Sun Group from April to September. Different from last year, the carnival festival only takes place on the big occasion. This summer when visiting the Ba Na Hills on any day, the little friends and visitors will also be merged into the vibrant atmosphere, the color of Carnival Festival.

From 10:45 to 11:00 and from 13:30 to 14:15, the festival attracts thousands of tourists gathered around the square Du Dome to join the party of music and color. At there you can see the princess in your imagination, can stand on the castle, watch foreigner dancers dancing different dances.

The festival's theme is the delegation in royal costumes opening the spectacular parade, followed by the band, the circus performers on the stilts, after that is the artist body painting, etc. in the dynamic atmosphere of the party.

Besides, in splendid costumes, the dancers with hot dances make the carnival festival strangely attractive to the cheers of the audience.

More wonderful, visitors are invited to parade, dance, exchange, take the photo with the artists from Europe.

Some of the following festivals in Danang are just a few must-join festivals during you Vietnam culture tour. There are still many festivals waiting for you to explore.

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