Danang food tour – Best dishes you must try when visiting Danang, Vietnam


You are a food lover and want to try a variety of specialties in Vietnam. Danang is one of the best ideal destinations for you. Do not hesitate anymore! Book a Danang food tour to satisfy your desire right now!

We are sure that this tour will bring you many interesting and memorable experiences.

Maybe you are wondering what to eat in Danang, a beautiful city in Vietnam, right? Take it easy! With this tour, you will have the chances to enjoy a number of Danang specialties that you might never forget. You even can be confused to decide which dishes to eat because almost all of them are very delicious. That is the reason why today we list several famous dishes that you must try when traveling to Danang.

Firstly, Mi Quang (Quang noodle) is one of the best dishes in Danang you cannot miss. It is not only an ordinary noodle soup but a combination of many ingredients such as rice noodle, herb, lettuce, the flower of banana and broth. To be honest, broth plays an important role in creating an extremely delicious flavor of this type of noodle. The broth is usually made from simmering shrimp, snakehead fish, chickens or pork and added with many spices like salt, pepper, garlic, etc. Quang noodle is often put into a big bowl. To make it better, people also sprinkle it with peanut and rice crackers after the broth is poured into the bowl of noodle. There are many addresses to enjoy Mi Quang in Danang. One of the most popular ones is Ba Vi stall located at 166 Le Thuong Dinh, Danang.

Quang Noodle

Quang noodle, Danang

The second specialty we want to recommend you is Banh Xeo. Many tourists who travel to Danang admit that they cannot resist this tasty dish. It is a cracking rice flour crepe which is full of shrimp, bean sprouts and spring onions inside.  Its pancake is very crisp and severed with rice papers and grilled pork skewers. To enjoy Banh xeo, all you need to do is to put all ingredients into rice paper, roll and dip it into the special sauce. This sauce made from peanut, chilly, hoisin sauce and pork liver are indispensable because it makes the dish tastier and more appetizing. Finally, get a mouthful and enjoy all mixed delicious flavors. You will never forget the wonderful feeling at that time. One famous address to try Banh xeo is Ba Duong stall at 280/23 Hoang Dieu, Danang.

Banh Xeo, Danang

Banh Xeo, Danang

Bun Mam (a kind of “noodle salad with pork and anchovy fish sauce”) is another local specialty in Danang that is loved by a lot of travelers. To create this dish, many ingredients are mixed together such as vermicelli, vegetables, roasted pork and anchovy fish sauce. Besides, people can eat Bun Mam with the young jackfruit or the chili sauce. You can try this specialty at 110 Huynh Thuc Khang, Danang.

Bun Mam, Danang

Bun Mam, Danang

The next one is Banh Beo (water fern cake), a popular dish with Danang people. There are many types of Banh Beo with different shapes and ways to eat. For example, Banh Beo Tai is served on a dish or Banh Beo Chen is available in a small bowl. But maybe Banh Beo Nhan Uot is one of the most typical types in Danang that is also put into a bowl and can be eaten by using a spoon. Banh Beo is always eaten with fish sauce, added with water, sugar and lime juice, which makes a great dish. In addition, it is also served with Cha Bo (steamed pork roll) or Nem Chua (fermented pork roll). It is advisable for you to come to several Banh Beo restaurants on Hoang Dieu streets. Its cost is very reasonable, only with 1,500 VND/each.

Banh Beo, Danang

Banh Beo, Danang

Additionally, there are a variety of other good dishes you should try when visiting Danang such as Thit heo cuon banh trang (pork wrapped in rice paper), bun cha ca (fish cake noodle soup), goi ca Nam O (Nam O half-cooked fish salad), mit tron (unripe jackfruit salad), banh mi thit nuong (a toasted baguette with cha, pate, jambon, cucumbers, chilly, and spring onion inside), oc hut (sucking snail), che xoa xoa hat luu (grass jelly dessert), be thui Cau Mong (Cau Mong barbecued veal) and so on.

This Danang food tour promises to bring you a lot of wonderful experiences that are unforgettable. You not only try many specialties in Danang but also understand more about the cuisine of this beautiful city. Wish you have a wonderful tour!

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