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Champa Sculpture Museum is located on 2/9 Street, Hải Châu District, Danang City. Visitors first stepping into the site would be left amazed at a huge distinctive Gothic-like mansion featuring large domes and a massive system of huge windows that boost the illumination throughout the whole museum. This architectural is yet to be the basic role, its mind-blowing interior is what makes your Danang tour totally worthwhile.


Museum of Champa sculpture

First, let’s kick start with the exterior

Gothic style was brought to the colony of Indochine by the French, which was soon fused with the spacious campus scattered with the ivory-colored Fragipane flowers planted across the yard. The whole villa and its initial style are greatly preserved in spite of the fact that Champa Sculpture Museum had undergone two big renovations back in the years 1936 and 2002.


The two facades

Danang Museum of Champa Sculpture was officially inaugurated at the beginning of 1919, with a view to being the largest house obtaining the most massive collection of Champa sculptures and statues across the Globe. The museum is now becoming a focal point of any Danang heritage tours because of such. The mission of getting hold of those Champa artifacts took off at the end of the XIX century, which rounded up Champa remnants across the land from Hà Tĩnh to Bình Thuận and the provinces across Vietnam Central Highland. The act was processed by archaeologists who belonged to École française d’Extrême-Orient, or the French School of Asian studies alongside with several Vietnamese participants. For the past century, the museum is still successfully playing its role in saving such authentic and special façade of a Champa, a long-lost mighty kingdom ruling Central Vietnam from 192 to 1832. Hence, the site now becomes such an essential part of Danang culture.


Fragipane flowers

Now, move further to the inside

For the time being, Museum of Champa Sculpture is home to 2000 artifacts of all size, 500 of which are artistic antiques scattered based on its original hometown, which include various rooms such as Quảng Trị, Trà Kiệu, Mỹ Sơn, Đồng Dương, Tháp Mẫm – Bình Định, Quảng Nam, Quảng Ngãi along with an open-topic space. With this method of disguising those relics based on their own discovery sites, visitors can easily learn deeply into each of the Central Vietnam provinces in the ancient time.


Foreign visitors in the museum

The interior space of Danang Museum of Champa sculpture is indeed spacious, which is slightly contrast to the seemingly little exterior on the outside. The whole building covers an area of more than 6.600 square meters. 2000 square meters of those are designed for the exhibition. Apart from geography-oriented rooms mentioned above, a two-story building sitting at the backyard is where you can explore such unique Champa architecture and surrounding civilizations within the area of Southeast Asia.

In terms of materials, the main components forming these all artifacts are mainly sandstone and bronze. Meanwhile, sandstone was mostly used in between the VII and XV centuries, of which patterns and decoration reached its peak and delivered a supreme level of Cham artisans at the moment.


Sandstone statues

When is the best time to visit Danang?

Vietnam holidays on the 30th of April and 1st of May introduce you to a vivid Danang with International firework competition. However, service fees may be slightly lifted because of such.

  • From January to April, weather in Danang is at its finest refreshment, prices of all types are not so high compared to the moment between June and August. Hence, signing up for a Danang day tour during this time is considered to be pretty economical.
  • The time lasting from December to August each year is known to be the best time to visit Danang. Climate condition may welcome heat at some points, yet storms and rains are totally avoidable.
  • The rest of the year witness regular rainfalls and storms. Accordingly, make your smart move, you surely do not want to get stuck in your hotel all day long.


Danang panorama

If you are about to join in this Danang tour, chances are you will not be disappointed. A visit to the inside of Danang Museum of Champa sculptures will have you saying “Wow!”.

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