You are looking for a romantic travel destination for your love. Did you find it? It will be a pity if you make a date without Danang tour. Why? Follow me.

Danang – a young city both active and peaceful. Da Nang has become an ideal destination where the couples make sweet memories of love. Da Nang is also the place to hold not only the romantic wedding but also sweet as the love songs for couples.


Danang tour for couple

The ideal time to travel to Danang is from January to August, this season has no storms. Especially, if you travel to Danang on the occasion of April and May, you will admire the fireworks display in the Da Nang sky at International Fireworks Festival.

Danang beaches

You are a sea lover, always looking for a day to return to the sea with your lover. My Khe Beach is a beautiful romantic beach for making a date all day and night because it is known as one of the most attractive beaches on the planet. You will have wonderful photographs and will be surprised by the beauty of the My Khe beach.


My Khe beach

The beach has the coastline stretching fine white sand, blue waves, blue water, warm air and coconut green rows. Taking a walk along the poetic white sandy beach or together immersed in the clear blue water of the sea, enjoying the fresh air is the wonderful relaxation moments for both you. At the end of a day, together watching the sunset in the sea and sipping a glass of wine in a small restaurant along the beach is romantic and more attached.

Lovelock bridge for strong love 


Love bridge in Danang


Lovelock in Danang

In the tour for the couple in Danang, you always want to give the most unexpected things for the woman you love. The bridge of love in Danang also brings romantic beauty and prayer of divine love as the famous love lock bridge in France.

Located on the banks of the romantic Han River, this bridge has unique architecture. You can admire the beautiful scene in Da Nang and take memorable pictures. The bridge of love becomes a promised land where couples hold eternal love enduring as the permanent lock staying here.

Ba Na Hill- Romantic dating place

Located on the Chúa mountain, Ba Na Hill is a meeting place of the land and sky, wild nature and artificial beauty from human hands. Coming to Ba Na, both of you will feel like going to the fairyland because the mountain ranges are looming in the clouds.


Ba Na Hill

Ba Na Hills is so attractive, Ba Na weather is also very pleasant, you enjoy 4 seasons in the same day. It’s sure that the fresh air cool in Ba Na can help you always relax the soul. Ba Na is full of romantic flower gardens designed with unique style and the ancient French architecture.


Flower garden in Ba Na Hill

Especially, you will have memorable memories when having fun at Fantasy Park- the largest entertainment center in Southeast Asia. A trip that’s full of emotions from the quiet, romantic to the fun, excitement will be an unforgettable experience for you.

Danang Asia Park entertainment area

One of the top destinations must-go in Danang for the romantic evenings is Asia Park entertainment center.


Interesting games in Asia park

When the city lights up, this place becomes so sparkling and fanciful. You and your lover can have fun at the open-air amusement park, admire the multicultural space and the Sun Wheel. Both of you can also experience the heart-racing adventure game. Exploring the diverse art and architecture of the 10 Asian countries here, bewildering by the Sun Wheel, sitting in the cabin and admiring the panoramic city and enjoying, that’s great, isn’t it?

Son Tra Peninsula

Why don’t you look for a tourist destination that is both beautiful and close to the nature as a backpacking trip? Let’s schedule and explore the Son Tra peninsula – the treasure of Da Nang city.


Son Tra peninsula

Son Tra Peninsula which is a natural ecological garden near the city center is considered as the green lung of the young city. Peninsula is an ideal destination for Danag tour to explore the rich and diverse primary forest. Crossing the steep roads that stretch along the coastline is a well-off peninsula. Conquering the highest point on the peninsula, you can admire the panoramic view of the city.


Linh Ung pagoda


Lighthouse in Danang

Coming to Son Tra, you and your lover have to “check in” at all beautiful places such as Vong Canh house, Linh Ung Pagoda, heritage banyan tree, lighthouse … In the afternoon, you can both swim and participate in a lot of picnic activities as well as go to the big beaches such as Rang beach, Bai beach, North beach, South beach on the way back.

Giving for your beloved many surprises in Danang tour is the biggest gift of your love. Wish you a happy trip!

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