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When talking about Danang culinary tour you might think of what delicious food you should eat? Or how to prepare delicious dishes? Because Danang is a large tourist city so there are many delicious specialties here that you can enjoy. And also these delicious specialties have become a part of unique attractive features that make a brand name for Da Nang. Talk about delicious food in Da Nang, there are many specialties for you to enjoy. But here are the best dishes that you must try for someday travel to Danang.

Rolling cake


Rolling cake in Danang

Rolling cake is a favorite dish of many Vietnamese. It is even on the list of best dishes in the world. Those who have been enjoying this idyllic food cannot miss the chance to try these dishes in Danang tour, which offers a sense of appetite totally different from other places.

The trip will be more interesting by enjoying each piece of hot rolls, white in, long and mixed with the smell of fennel meat, mushrooms. Because the cake is very light, it is considered as the best choice for those who want to buy gifts for family members or friends after your Danang tour. You can use this delicious in Da Nang at all times of the day.

The rolling cake has more meat and more fragrant mushrooms. Multiple other ingredients are ripe before spreading on the cake, therefore, they still retain the sweet, crispy of wood ears mixed with the aroma of mushrooms. After that, add a little bit of dried onion and a bit of white shrimp, you can have the best dishes in your Danang cuisine.

The special item of hot rolling cake is in the sauce. The sauce is very rich with the flavor of sour, spicy, salty, sweet that is made of fish sauce, sugar and vinegar bar.

 You want to eat spicily can put in a few slices of chili. The cake will be enjoyed with a bowl of dipping sauce with few plates of hot dog in it. When eating the rolling cake, you will be accompanied by a small plate of herbs and a plate of papaya salad. Interesting, right?

Pork rolls rice paper


Pork rolls rice paper

 Not as popular as the type of salad, pork roll rice paper is more popular to Da Nang people. For gourmets, pork rolls rice papers are a mix of taste, color, and aroma.

At first glance, it looks very simple. Pork rolls rice papers do not require sophisticated processing, but the key is to choose the delicacy of food to stimulate a delicious taste to the dishes.

Just a local dish but pork rolls rice paper can give you unforgettable memories for your best tours in Vietnam. The main secret of the dish is the pork. To choose such delicious meat, you have chosen pigs weighing 50 – 70 kg. This pork is steamed to keep the delicious, sweet taste of the meat when the cut pieces of fat are in the standard.


Healthy dishes in Vietnam

With this dish, vegetables are an indispensable food. Unlike Trang Bang’s frosted rice cake with wild mushroom flavor, Danang pork rolls make use of garden vegetables that bring the fresh flavor. Vegetables are not hard to find, but the difficulty choosing fresh and young vegetables to eat with the pork that helps to retain the flavor of cake. With each cake, customers can feel the freshness of salads, the aromatic concentration of cinnamon, herbs, light taste of banana sliced ​​thin with the strange taste of shiso.

Most of the visitors enjoying this dish have the same feeling: “A convergence of over 10 kinds of vegetables has surprised us, it would seem difficult to agree, but no, the thermal vegetables is a very good taste, very strange and in our opinion, they are very good for health.”

The sour sauce is the only dots of pork rolls, if replaced by other dots will lose the taste and characteristics of this dish. Salad must be made by chefs to create the new impression for visitors. If the pork and vegetables are sweet and fresh, then the fish sauce will bring the flavor of the sea fish, the pungent taste of chili, ginger users do not remove from the broth. If you enjoy this dish from my description it is sure that you will have the best dishes. So remember to mark this dish in the travel guide for your trip!

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