In no way is this a comprehensive list of best tips when traveling in Danang, but it’s a start. Let’s go!

Best time to travel to Danang?

Best time to travel to Danang

Best time to travel to Danang

When is the best time to travel to Danang? One of the most appealing aspects of a Danang holiday is the fact that this city is beautiful all year round – the proximity to the Pacific Ocean means a little deal of variety in climate, the cool weather, the predictable weather, and seasonal events throughout the year!

Its tropical monsoon climate is divided into 2 seasons: the rainy season from September until March, while the dry season running from April to August with the average temperatures of 20°C.

What to do in Danang

The untouched beaches, the relaxed atmosphere, the outdoor activities, and a happening food scene are these great reasons to visit Danang City at any time of year. What is the most exciting feature of Danang? It is all very cheap compared to most of Vietnam so you can afford to splurge a bit while still keeping costs down.

Enjoy a beach getaway

Think about a city with great beaches in Vietnam. What are you picturing? Nha Trang, maybe — possibly Halong or Cat Ba. Home to Non Nước Beach –one of the world’s most beautiful beaches by Forbes magazine in 2005, Mỹ Khê Beach – one of the most attractive beaches on the planet voted by Forbes magazine, and Bắc Mỹ An Beach – a resort of international class – Danang should be on your mind!

Be impressed by the color-changing Dragon Bridge’s biggest shows

Dragon Bridge

Dragon Bridge

The jewel of Danang, Dragon Bridge is a city steeped in the modern-day appeal. Located on the Han River’s bank, the unique swing-bridge – the pride of Danang’s people – is outstanding among the 9 bridges in the city and best known for its firing and water spraying feature, especially on 9 pm every Saturday and Sunday night. Expect a lifetime experience when this city turns on lights! At 9 PM, fire and water are spouted from the head of this 666-meter-long impressive golden dragon sculpture. Take your kids to the coffee shops lining the eastern bank to the north of the bridge for the best views! Also, a boat trip on the river’s western bank is a good idea.

Pay a visit to other tourist attractions within Central Vietnam

Another feature of Danang is that it is a gateway to several different other destinations within Central Vietnam. If you are flying in from a long distance to visit this incredible backpacking destination then you will probably also want to include a side trip to the holy land of My Son Sanctuary, the Imperial City of Hue, or the ancient town of Hoian. The most extensive Cham remains of Vietnam and a perfect place to break your journey midway through Vietnam – they are really popular all year round.

Sample all local food specialties

What to eat in Danang

What to eat in Danang

You know what? All food and drinks found in Danang City are notoriously awesome and reasonable so you will feel like you are splurging even while keeping your budget low. Food? It is everywhere in Danang. From bánh bèo or bánh mì from a local vendor to a bowl of bún chả cá (Grilled fish cake noodle) at a local restaurant, Danang offers the hungry travelers plenty of unique culinary experiences. Don’t go home without indulging in at least one of these traditional foods: bánh tráng cuốn thịt heo (sliced pork rolled with rice paper), mỳ Quảng (Quang style noodle), cháo vịt (duck porridge), bánh xèo (sizzling cake), bún mắm (noodle salad with pork and anchovy fish sauce), bánh canh (Vietnamese thick noodle soup), etc.

Try an interesting experience with the Sun Wheel

Sun Wheel

Sun Wheel

At 377 feet high, the Sun Wheel is currently one of the 10 largest Ferris wheels in the world. Although it was only built in 2013, the Sun Wheel has quickly become a prominent feature of Danang’s night landscape and a fixture of the city’s skyline—plus it adds an entirely new sightseeing perspective. A 16-minute ride on the Sun Wheel will give you a chance to see the beauty of the city on the horizon.

Another key feature about Danang city is that besides being such a perfect beach destination, it is also a cultural site, thus you can discover the historic city center and include some culture on an otherwise hedonistic getaway. Let’s discover Danang with a Vietnam local guide!

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