Exploring the completely new ecotourism resort of Da Nang City


This is expected to be a newly recreated resort of Da Nang, ecological tourism area with thousands of fruit trees – Lai Thieu. Inspired from the idea of rural areas in the South West Region of Vietnam, Lai Thieu Ecotourism Resort will be a green and clean eco-resort for Da Nang people in particular and for both domestic and international tourists in general.


Lai Thieu Ecotourism Resort


Only less than 40 km from Da Nang City, Lai Thieu Ecotourism Resort is located in Phu Tuc Village, Hoa Phu Commune, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang City. The way leading up here is quite sloping because of the mining has not been finished yet. Therefore, it is necessary of you to mentally prepare in advance to avoid the carsick situation.

This place has a totally quiet space away from the noisy and hectic life of the city. Fresh air covers the whole area of Lai Thieu, which is over 50 hectares. Thus, it is not surprising that many visitors consider Lai Thieu as the ideal destination for all kinds of visitors who wants to “visit the zoo, go on a picnic, entertain, relax, enjoy special cuisine & hold events” or even for newlywed couples who wish for a Vietnam honeymoon.


Coming here, tourists will feel the fresh air, fruit trees, flowers and cool blue streams in the ancient houses, interwoven with the dreaming hut made of coconut leaves. It seems that every visitor can return to his/ her childhood, freely bath in the fresh streams, sail a boat and check-in in one of the most Vietnam luxury tours.


One of the interesting activities in Lai Thieu

Here in Lai Thieu Ecotourism Resort, you will have a chance to see, explore and learn as well as enjoy the sweet flavor of different types of rare fruits coming from all regions of the country. Coming to Lai Thieu Ecotourism Resort, tourists will feel like getting lost in the vast wilderness of nature, the winding roads along with the streams, green palm trees, birds singing, which together creates a peaceful Lai Thieu.


Reservations: If you have any intention to go to Lai Thieu Ecotourism Resort, particularly for a Vietnam honeymoon tour, you should book rooms and accommodation in advance, especially on weekends, or on hot sunny days, because during that time, there a large number of tourists coming here to relax and escape from the hot weather.

Hut renting: Depending on different types of the hut, there is a different price. Normally a small hut costs 200,000 VND while a large one cost 800,000 VND or more if without a reservation.


The food here is mostly wild specialties, especially diverse in ways of cooking chicken. In addition to that, there are many famous dishes in the countryside in 3 regions of Vietnam such as snails, eels, frogs, etc. Types of wild vegetables here are also very popular.

Lai Thieu Ecotourism Resort – The place to collect, preserve fruit trees.

Beside the function of a resort, Lai Thieu Ecotourism resort also carries the mission to collect and preserve the unique fruit trees of all regions along Vietnam. This place has been recognized as the resort having the most fruit tree species in Vietnam in the book of Guinness Vietnam. Among them, there are some super rare species that are extremely difficult to find. It is that feature that makes Lai Thieu Ecotourism Resort become a perfect destination for any best tours in Vietnam. After more than 10 years of collecting and searching, more than 120 different varieties of fruit trees have been preserved and planted here.


Lots of fruits in Lai Thieu

Lai Thieu Ecotourism Resort – The place to keep and preserve the national culture

The Management Board of the Lai Thieu Ecotourism Resort also rebuilt the special Guol house on stilts of the Co-tu ethnic group to preserve the culture and identity of the Cotu ethnic people in this mountainous resort. You will be able to see through eyes, visit or experience in this special house during your Vietnam honeymoon. And one of the missions of Lai Thieu Ecotourism Resort is to contribute a little to preserving and keeping the notable culture of the nation.


Guol house on the stilts of Cotu ethnic people

Lai Thieu Ecotourism Resort is completely close to nature. With a unique style and unique identity, Lai Thieu has contributed to creating a green tourism zone of Da Nang. The tourist resort has served the need of visiting and entertaining of visitors at all different ages to diversify tourist products of Da Nang City.

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