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Exploring Van Village – a must-see destination in Danang


Danang is the most attractive tourist city in Vietnam for a lot of beautiful beaches, splendid mountains, and pretty villages with interesting stories. Among many stunning landscapes in Danang, Van village is a must-see destination recommended by the best Vietnam tour operators for an interesting history and a deserted scenery. This is also the most ideal place for a camping trip in Danang.

1. Overview

Van village is a small village located on the foot of Hai Van Pass, standing isolated from Danang city. In the past, Van village is the resident of many people having leprosy. After there is a known cure for this disease, villagers come back to the city with their families and left behind a deserted village. Now, this site becomes an attractive destination for the best tours in Vietnam, which attracts a lot of tourists to come to explore on a trekking tour or camping trip.

A peaceful deserted village

This village is pristinely beautiful although there used to be an occupied area. That’s the perfect combination of the deserted nature and leftover footprints of people here create an amazing beauty for this land. Van village recently has been one of the most favorite tourist sites of Vietnam local tour operators in Danang. Let’s plan your exciting trip to this land and explore its mysterious beauty.

Exploring Van village

2. Things to prepare

As Van village stand isolated from Danang city, you cannot buy anything around there. So, you and your group have to prepare necessary objects, foods, drinks, and essential things for emergencies. There are two ways to reach this site, including by boat and on foot, but no matter how you travel to it, you cannot bring your house with you. There is not enough space in the boat for your heap of luggage if you go by boat. And, of course, you couldn’t bring tons of things on your back if you go here on foot.

Camping in Van village

You need to bring your personal identity documents, clothes, remember to bring a swimsuit with you to go swimming because there is a stunning beach here. You also need a pair of sandals, a toothbrush, toothpaste, washcloth, hat, mosquito net, sunscreen, etc. if you want to go camping in this village. Tents, canvas, fresh water (3 liters/person in a 1-night-2-day trip), medicines, lighters, torches (everyone should bring one), and anti-bug spray are also necessary for your trip.

Enjoyable camping trip

To make your trip to this deserted land more interesting, you should cook for yourself. Cooking is highly recommended for Vietnam tour operators to have a memorable trip. Prepare ingredients for your BBQ party at home, and bring some bread, sandwiches, instant noodles, dried sweet potatoes or quid, fishes, pots, ice boxes, knives, seasonings, furnace bar. Besides, you can bring some beer or coke, speaker for music to have a joyful party. Remember to put down the fire before leaving.

3. Ways to arrive

There are two ways to reach Van village. The first and easiest way is going by boat. You just sit on a boat, enjoy the wind blowing through your hair, relax, and you will reach this site quickly after 30 minutes. Remember to wear the life-preserver to avoid unexpected cases.

Trekking tour to Van village

The second way is walking to this site. You can climb and walk in about 1 hour to reach this village or walk through an underground 1-kilometer railway. The latter one is quite risky as it’s very dark in the tunnel and you may meet the train by accident.

4. Things to remember

To have a safe tour to Van village, the best Vietnam tour operators suggest you take some tips below into considerations. Before your trip, you and your group must register to reside temporarily in the frontier post in Van village for a secured trip. Your group should camp near the frontier post, and you can ask for some fresh water to drink or bath (5000 VND/person).

Underground railway

As this is a deserted village, you can go catching crabs, squid, or fish at night, which would be really exciting! But watch out the snake. There are many stunning beaches on this site, so consider carefully and choose one to camp. Some sea areas are quite deep and large, so, you shouldn’t go swimming alone. Another thing to remember, don’t eat wild vegetables and fruits that you don’t know as many of them are poisonous. And, don’t go around alone and too far from your group.

Beautiful beach in Van village

This travel review has given you some tips to have a wonderful trekking tour to Van village in Danang. Hopefully, these tips are useful to you so that you will have a really exciting and memorable trip to this beautiful site.

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