Five trendiest festivals in Danang all Vietnamese look forward to


Festivals have been shaping the soul of Vietnam for the past thousands of years. Because of such, signing up for a Vietnam culture tour to each of the country’s city and province reveals a whole new prism of this nation at every single trip. Below are our top five selected Danang events scattered in a year drawing a big attention from locals.


Danang – A great fusion

Danang Firework Festival

Danang Firework Festival is held annually to welcome two big holidays of the country, which include the Reunification Day of April 30th and the Labor Day of May 1st. Depending on specific organization and operation in each year, the festival may last up to several weeks or months and witnesses a participation of various competitors across the Globe.


Firework festival in Danang

Apart from the gaudy lights illuminating the whole darkest night, many interesting activities and events are held accordingly such as Champa culture festival, Danang carnival, exceptional cuisine space along with appealing promotions in various fields.

Mục Đồng – Buffalo Young Herders’ Parade

“Mục đồng” is a Vietnamese term transcribed from “Young herders”. The event is initially referred to native buffalo young herders taken root in Phong Lệ Village. Mục Đồng Parade Festival is held every three years with a view to wishing for an abundant crop.


Joining the tug of war

Within its two-day event, many activities come up in accordance with a vivid scene and give out a cozy network amongst locals. Throughout the occasion, you may witness interesting folklore games and performances relating to Vietnamese culture carried out by native Danang young herders.

Cầu Ngư – Fish Praying Festival

Cầu Ngư has been seen as one of the most important Vietnamese festivals in the heart of Danang citizens as well as other coastal provinces across the country. Fish Praying Festival is held in the aim of making an offering towards Whale, which is regarded as the God of the ocean that is in charge of taking care of fishermen’s safety and watching out storms.


A colorful event

The event is solemn and formal praying local sailormen are sending as a wish in return for peace and a good haul of fish at each voyage. Cầu Ngư is celebrated in various coastal towns such as Thái Quang, Xuân Hà, Hòa Hiệp after Lunar New Year takes place.

Guan Yin Festival

Guan Yin is known to be translated into Goddess of compassion, a female deity in Chinese religious belief. This Vietnamese festival falls on the dates of 17th, 18th and 19th of Lunar February every year at Ngũ Hành Sơn Mountain Complex.


Guan Yin Festival

Guan Yin Festival is an opportunity to wish for peace and happiness of the nation. If paying a visit to Danang during the moment Guan Yin festival occurs, visitors would be embracing a chance to join in traditional sporting events and contests such as singing, chess, carving and a lot more.

Carnival – Bà Nà Hills

Carnival is an annual occasion that is brought to the city of Danang by Sun Group Corporation. Carnival is a vivid and lively street festival that has been introduced from the continent of European fun takers to this Central Vietnam city.


Carnival Bà Nà Hill

Carnival street festival in Danang takes place on a large scale with over 250 artists and participants who signed up for various fields of arts such as street singing, body painting, dancing, circus, and magic shows. Bà Nà Hill is where the event is held. If you are intending to a culture tour in Vietnam to Danang, check on the latest update of the event each year for an actual observation.

An idea of a Vietnam culture tour can be applied to every single city up and down the length of the country thanks to its long-established tradition and culture. Danang, a coastal located right in the middle of Vietnam is hence able to bring out the best view of culture and rituals, which are showcased in form of various festivals. We highly recommend you to pass through Danang at least once in your lifetime, join in its festival and learn how interesting this city can be.


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