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Four selected travel experiences in Danang for adventure takers


As you may beware, Danang is known to be one of the most worth-living cities in Vietnam. Because of such reputation, more people have got to know and visit Danang within the past couple of years and made it a highly visited point in the area of Southeast Asia. It is hence time to look for the best selected Vietnam off the beaten track tours in Danang to stay away from the crowd!


Time to forget the usual vibe of Danang

1. Rock Climbing at Ngũ Hành Sơn Mountain:

The landscape complex of Ngũ Hành Sơn is 1 kilometers away from Danang downtown right on the passageway connecting Danang and Hoian. The limestone mountains scatter within a coverage of 2 square kilometers, which include six smaller peaks named after five Oriental elements: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth. Each of those obtains an exceptional beauty in terms of formation, materials, cave system as well as its own collection of religious temples.


Rock Climbing at Ngũ Hành Sơn

Apart from an opportunity to contemplate all of these archives, you are offered a totally brand new experience, rock climbing. Yet, you are required to sign up for one operated by an adventure Danang tour operator for the best package including proper training session and needed safety facilities.

2. Paintballing:

Paintballing is referred to as a newly-invented game that simulates warfare and battles, which soon captivates players’ interest and attention. Being introduced to such a country like Vietnam, paintballing becomes an innovative type of adventure in which you are well equipped and turn into a real fighter. Two teams are supposed to be divided into enemies an required to make a combat against one another. What triggers the excitement inside each of the participants is that “actual feeling” created.


Getting ready for an exciting game

Paintballing in Danang can be found at Danang Paintballing Center (Câu lạc bộ Súng Sơn Đà Nẵng) organized right amid the Security and Sports Center – Military Zone 5. Such hidden location makes the choice one of the most exciting Vietnam off the beaten track spot you can find in this city.

3. Waterfall skiing:

It is not fancy at all to claim the beauty of Danang to be such a rewarding attractiveness given by Mother Nature with a roundup of beaches, rivers, mountains and even a primitive rainforests surrounding the heart of the city.

With such enormous allure with long chains of curving streams and massive waterfalls, skiing walks you to each of your level of emotions when stopping by Hòa Phú Thành Ecotourism Site during one of your day trip in Danang.


Waterfall skiing at Hoà Phú Thành

4. Kayaking:

Talking about kayaking, some may only imagine the legendary Halong Bay. However, the game has been introduced to various destinations up and down the length of the country. Signing up for this type of adventure, what you get to experience is to go with the flow on the surface of the water while sailing serenely with two pads on both sides on your own. Moving deeply into the chilling gust of wind ahead of your boat and contemplate the gaudy scenery around.

Yet, one thing to be reminded, before heading straight to this kind of game, you are required to get used to the big waves with a specific training session beforehand.


A kayaking tour in Danang

The core temptation of kayaking lies in its audacious vibe, which is supposed to tutor you with real bravery, patience, and essential problem-solving skills. The act and requirement of getting over the swift-flowing current as well as the hazardous cliffs so as to observe the magnificent natural landscape along the way and a great feeling of a winner when conquering the whole trip by yourself when reaching the end. There is a wide range of Vietnam private tour operators that organize such experience that you can reach our when in Danang.

With our four available and suggested activities listed above, now you can feel free to enjoy the city of Danang in your own way by combining both popular sightseeing tours and Central Vietnam off the beaten track tours all in one. As such adventurous nature, do not forget to grab for yourself essential insurance packages as well as proper organization and instruction needed.

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