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Getting from Danang to Hue: Pros and Cons


With the distance of approximately 100km, traveling from Danang to Hue and vice versa is not a big deal with the growing advancement in transportation nowadays. Here are 5 suggestions you can consult to facilitate your trip during the time in the Central of Vietnam.

Option 1: Bus 

Price: $4 – $5

Travel Time:

Bus Schedule

Time of Departure

Time of Arrival





The buses are always ready

Bus stop once at Lang Co for short break (Source: Internet)

Pros: cheapest way for your getting from Danang to Hue and will be a chance for visitors to go through the longest tunnel in Southeast Asia.

Cons: less opportunity to sightsee some amazing sceneries of Central Vietnam such as Hai Van Pass, panoramic views of Lang Co beach and Danang from the mountain. Depart from Hoian, buses can be a little crowded when they reach Danang station.

Option 2: Train

Price:    Soft seat: 19$        Soft bed: 26$

              Hard bed: 23$     Hard seat: 16$

Travel Time:

Train Schedule

Time of Departure

Time of Arrival









Traveling by train

Many people choose train as their traveling vehicle (Source: Internet)

Pros: Along with being a cheap way to get to Hue from Danang, traveling by train is also considered safe by locals. In addition, you will have a chance to travel and interact with them during your commuting time.

Cons: Travelers will have to keep an eye on departure times since there will be only 4 trips in a day. Be ready in order not to miss out any stunning views along the way, the train won’t stop to satisfy your excitement.

Option 3: taxi

Price: $45 – $67

Travel time: around 2 hours

Pros: Getting in a cab and let the taxi driver do his task is one convenient and fast way to travel. With some additional fees, you may negotiate and choose to stop and do some sightseeing if you wish.

Cons: It may be a hard deal to hail a taxi and negotiate with the driver to get you to Hue since not all taxi drivers are ready to travel the distance of 100km, especially in late afternoon. Plus, be alert not to be getting ripped off.

Option 4: private car

Price:     4 seats: $55

              7 seats: $65

             16 seats: $79

Travel time: depends on you

Pros: a private car is the most convenient way to reach Hue. You can travel on your pace, stop at any place you wish to take good photos or appreciate its beauty more. Traveling by private car is highly recommended, especially when traveling with your family as you can book a car anytime and it will pick your family up from your current location or hotel. Most services have English speaking driver on offer. So, no need to worry about language barrier.

Cons: Maybe a little pricey for the convenience and premium service. 

Option 5: motorbike rental

Price:     With driver: $55

              Without driver: $45

Travel time: depends on the driver and you


Motorbike is an interesting vehicle to travel anywhere

Traveling on a motorbike is an interesting way to discover Vietnam (Source: Internet)

Pros: motorbike rental is no doubt the best way to travel within Vietnam. There’s nothing can beat the adventure and freedom during your motorbike ride. Many young backpackers can’t resist traveling on a motorbike.

Cons: motorbike riding can be dangerous. The Hai Van Pass is hard to conquer even with experienced motorbike riders. If you are not a good driver, motorbike rental may be not the right choice for you.

Those are some recommended ways to travel from Danang to Hue. Choose one that is suitable for your group and don’t forget to let hellodanangvietnam know your feedback.

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