Hoa Phu Thanh Tourist Site – the Best Whitewater Rafting Adventure in Vietnam


There is a place for the best Vietnam tours in Da Nang that include museum and pagoda tours and visits to the local markets to feast on all mouthwatering food, but sometimes you jonesing for some wet and wild exercise that is a little more extreme than a dip in the pool. For the latter type of experience, head to Hoa Phu Thanh Tourist Site: the beginner-friendly whitewater rafting adventures is calling.

Why go to Hoa Phu Thanh Tourist Site in Da Nang?


Hoa Phu Thanh Tourist Site

Hoa Phu Thanh Tourist Site is found at QL 14, Hoa Phu Village, Hoa Vang Ward, which is very far from Da Nang city center. While in winter the lake is a nice place to relax, go ziplining, and learn about the culture of the Co Tu ethnic minority through discovering the resort’s replica of the Tong Coi Tourist Village and a perfect picnic spot with campfires, in summer it becomes a perfect natural whitewater rafting adventure. The recreational site attracts a lot of tourists every year: it wins the heart of the locals as well as the foreign travelers. The rafting experience is special thanks to its natural spectacular surroundings – an area with more than 3km of rivers and streams under green giant trees.

Why go there? This tourist site is a popular recreational area all year round. Meanwhile, in summer, it proves to be one of the best whitewater rafting adventures in Vietnam – the best place for your Vietnam off-the-beaten-track tours.

Rafting Adventure in Hoa Phu Thanh Tourist Site – an experience to remember


Rafting Adventure in Hoa Phu Thanh Tourist Site

For those who are not the super adventurous kind, who find bungee jumping or ejecting yourself from a plane a bit too extreme, why not try out white water rafting?

Over the years, whitewater rafting has become a thrilling outdoor activity, an activity that involves an element of risk plus water, heights, or extreme speeds that you happily do when you are in the right frame of mind and ready to have fun with your new friends. But you have not really rafted until you have enjoyed a Da Nang tour with rubber canoes on the 1.25-mile-long Luong Dong River in Hoa Phu Thanh Tourist Site, something you can do all summer long. Here is what to expect from that first whitewater run in Hoa Phu Thanh Site – the absolute best place to hit the water this summer.

What do you need to know as you plan your next raft trip in Hoa Phu Thanh Tourist Site?


An experience to remember

As the summer is approaching, the temperatures are rising, thus allowing us the best time to go on Vietnam off the beaten track tours! What to expect at the great opportunity for adrenaline-inducing rides in Hoa Phu Thanh Tourist Site? It is an up-close view of the awe-inspiring sceneries and romantic mountains like never before, as you float on a raft through the challenging waters of the Luong Dong River, which flows along the 1.25-mile project with charming waterfalls and impressive stones.

Start planning now as the 30- or 45-minute trip packages available to the public twice a day – at 10.a.m. and 2.p.m. They should run fast and deep throughout the summer, providing rafters with some excitement and massive thrills. But fear not, since you will be fully equipped with helmets, life jackets, and, of course, the basic yet detailed knowledge to use a rubber canoe on risky terrain streams. Expect to pay VND 180,000 (~USD $8) per person.


What to know about rafting adventure?

Whether you are an adventurous kind, you are looking for a pleasant family float or a white-knuckle reunion of college friends, or you need to feel your heart pound and catch a lump in your throat, floating on a raft through the challenging waters in Hoa Phu Thanh Tourist Site can spice up any trip. A perfect fit for adrenaline junkies, rafting is one of the top things to do in Da Nang!

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