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Is March a good time to visit Danang?


Marking the start of the shoulder season — the time between the high and low tourist seasons in Danang — March is one of the best times to visit the most worth living city of the S-shaped country as it is when you can find an affordable vacation no matter what your travel style is.

This article is a summary of March’s weather in Danang with some tips on things to do throughout this month. Hopefully, this article will help you prepare for your trip to this beautiful city!

Is March the best time to travel to Danang?

Best time to visit Danang

Best time to visit Danang

Danang attracts a largely similar climate but has defined seasons. There is no wrong time to visit Danang. However, spring when the temperatures are mild and pleasant throughout and the colorful flowers are blooming at its fullest is a prime tourist season. As a result, there are more tourists and prices are slightly higher than those in autumn but much lower than those in summer and early spring – hotel and flight prices reflect the surge. March is a great time for bargain hunting since many of the hotels have yet to raise their rates for summer – the highest tourist season. However, with so many indoor activities and tourist sites such as fine galleries and museums and of course great cafés, restaurants, and shops, a visit to Danang is still rewarding.

Thanks to its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, Danang is cool year-round, with temperatures never dropping below 20 degrees Celsius in the winter. During March the city’s climate is balmy, but not sweltering hot, making it an ideal time for a sojourn from Northern and Southern Vietnam. While March can be especially cold and rainy with chilly winds in Northern Vietnam, and Southern Vietnam can get a bit hotter, March in Danang enjoys a happy medium, with average temperatures hovering between 23-24 degrees Celsius.

Best tips when traveling in Danang in March

Discover Danang’s history and culture

Ho Chi Minh and Military Zone 5 Museum

Ho Chi Minh and Military Zone 5 Museum

Temperatures stay around 20ºC (far more gentle than Southern region’s scorching heat), meaning that you can explore its museums, galleries, bustling markets, and boutiques as well as its history without breaking a sweat. Some of the most popular sites to visit in March are the Ho Chi Minh and Military Zone 5 Museum, Danang Cathedral, fabulous Museum Of Cham Sculpture, Linh Ứng Pagoda, etc.

Have Danang’s beaches all to yourself

Danang beach

Danang beach

Slap on your sunscreen and grab your shades for a laid-back spring break on the golden sands of Danang’s sun-kissed beaches. Among these sunny havens in the Middle of Vietnam is Danang beach – which beckons with its tagline, “One Of The Six Most Charming Beaches On The Planet.” You will definitely see why once you sink your toes into its wonderful stretches of white soft sand. Watching fisherman casting out into the South China Sea and contemplating a picturesque sunset from a fishing boat, you will feel as if you have accidentally stumbled on paradise.

Beaches to have all to yourself are My An, Non Nuoc, My Khe, An Bang or Cua Dai.

Spend time on a food tour

Dishes to try in Danang

Dishes to try in Danang

There are great traditional dishes to be had, but leave time to try the city’s Banh trang cuon thit heo (bánh tráng cuốn thịt heo) on Hải Phòng Street or Banh canh – thick Vietnamese noodle on Nguyễn Chí Thanh Street. Just don’t plan anything more than a pancake on Hoàng Diệu Street afterwards. Go with a Vietnam local tour operator for the best of Danang’s local dishes.

Relax, reprogram, and reshape yourself in a spa

And for those who are not the outdoorsy type, how about planning a spa break to comfort cooling off by the pool or pampering themselves in a spa? Danang spas are some of the best in the country. Round up your group of friends and plan a spa vacation or take a short romantic break with your beloved one. Where to go for the best spa in Danang? Nirva Spa, Queen Spa Danang, The Spa Riverside, Salem Spa, Sense Spa, Charm Spa, Sight Deficient Massage are some quality spas to consider.

From breathtaking views of sunset on Danang beach to a short romantic break with your beloved one at a spa, March offers an array of great travel experiences in Danang. How can you enjoy Danang at its best? Go with a Vietnam local guide!

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