My Son Holy Land – best destination for sunrise sightseeing


Besides Ba Na Hill, Ngu Hanh Son, Hoi An Ancient Town, My Son Holy Land is an attractive tourist site in the famous tourist city of Danang. With the long history, beautiful nature and unique attractions, My Son Holy Land attracts a lot of visitors to here for My Son sunrise tours as My Son is the best place to watch the sunrise in Vietnam.

1.    My Son – A holy land

My Son Holy Land is located mostly in Quang Nam Province but it’s often belonged to Danang tour although it’s located nearly 70km to the city center of Danang, My Son Holy Land is still an attractive destination with tourists to Danang.


My Son Holy Land

My Son Holy Land was recognized as a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO at the end of 1999. It’s an outstanding example of cultural exchange, the only evidence of a lost Asian culture. This holy land is considered as one of the main centers of pagodas and temples of Hinduism in South East Asia. And it’s also the unique heritage of Vietnam.

2.    Beauty of nature

This holy land includes a lot of Cham Pa Temples. It’s located in a 2-kilometer-of-diameter valley and surrounded by mountains and hills. My Son Holy Land used to be the place of sacrifice of Cham Pa Kingdom as well as the Royal Tomb area of the Kings and royal family’s members. Take a My Son tour, you will see there are 2 hills facing each other in the east-west direct right in the intersection of a stream.


Cham Pa Temples

The branches of this stream divide this area into 4 zones. Each zone includes temples and relics. Zone A and B are located in 2 hills to the east and west. Zone C and D are placed in the south and north. This division is to match with the geomancy and terrain of the holy land.

All the land is covered in an immense green, fresh and airy atmosphere as well as the impressive scene. So, My Son is an ideal place for a wonderful Danang group tour.

3.    Structure of Holy Land

Behind an epochal work is a long historical anecdote with various rises and falls of time. The temples are constructed in the same principle. Each group of temples has a main temple surrounded by small towers and auxiliary structures. Temples, Royal Tombs have many different appearances. Their architectural and sculptural manners specify for each different period of time of the former Cham Pa Kingdom.


Cham Pa Vestiges

However, the structure of this complex is strongly affected by Hindu Manner. All of those temples bring on them the symbol of the sacred Meru Peak, shown in the figure of the pyramid. The tower gates always face the east to receive the very first sunshine of the day. The surrounding walls are decorated with sculptural patterns of leaves. The leaves’ pedicles are designed in the “S” shape to connect all the leaves together.


Relics of Cham Pa Kingdom

The decorating items are the sculptured statues from sandstone of Makara – an animal character in the mythology. Makara is a marine monster which has sharp tusks and long proboscis. Moreover, there are sculptures of Cham Pa dancing girls known as Apsara, lions, elephants, spiritual birds Garuda, the statue of people who are praying, etc.


Kalan Tower

Kalan Tower is the main tower located in the center of this holy land. It has two gates in the east and west. Each door has 8 thresholds. The rolling dome contains a miniature tower. On every floor, there are a false door and a statue of a person standing under the dome. The patterns and reliefs in the tower’s trunk are very splendid and sophisticated. Within 4 zones of My Son Holy Land, zone A is said to have the greatest supernatural power.

Visiting this holy land for My Son sunrise tours, you can not only explore the majestic nature but also be sunk in a holy atmosphere.

These features make My Son become a wonderful destination for a holy tour. It’s also a great site to enjoy wonderful My Son sunrise tours in a scared atmosphere as this land is an ideal location to view the stunning scenery of sunrise.

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