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Danang Tours this time feature four best romantic highlights of the city. What do you think after scanning all these four through?

Danang is obviously something you cannot miss during your trip to Vietnam. Seen as the biggest city in the Central part of the country, beyond repeated top must-see destination in Danang for almost any type of visitors, this post today lists down our favorite spots for “those in love” only. Scroll down for more details! 

Danang nightlife

Danang nightlife

The best coastline in the city

Recognized as one of the most picturesque beaches in Vietnam, the crystal clear seashore stretching 20 miles of My Khe was named by American troops during the Vietnam War. There is a wide range of high-class accommodations with a smart pick of offers such as spas and fine dining menus.

My Khe beach

My Khe is more than just an ideal for couples

My Khe gains fame with its rewarded blue sky, white sandy shore, gentle slope, pristine seashore surrounded by long lines of greenish coconut trees, which all made Forbes Magazine pick My Khe for a proudly “one of the most attractive beaches on the planet” title. Moreover, My Khe was once recommended as one of the ten most popular beaches in Asia by The Sunday Herald Sun of Australia.

Hence, if you are in search of the finest coastal city for you and your beloved one, do not hesitate to go for My Khe and it surely will not let you two down at all!

The most romantic bridge in the city’s heart

Danang Love Bridge is hands down not a place to be missed for couples in love. Travel to Danang, those in love should not forget this iconic spot of the city just to put their own love padlocks on this romantic bridge.

The bridge crosses the famous Han River, with 68 meters long and 6 meters wide. The idea of this construction was inspired by worldwide famed padlock bridges such as Pond des Arts in France, Germany ‘s Hohenzollern or Milvio of Italia.

The padlocks hold in themselves your names and messages written as a proof of your love. Therefore, whether you are newlywed couples or just started dating, the bridge would totally support the belief in love for all of you.

Danang Love Bridge

Will you come see it?

SKY36 Bar

Lied on the rooftop of Novotel Premier Danang Han River, SKY36 is known as the highest sky bar in the country offering the most luxurious & fanciful recreation for those who simply do not want to waste any time but ready for a memorable night with their beloved half.

Lit up in deep blue lights, SKY36 looks down at an impressive overview of Danang, making it an ideal destination for your long-lasting memories with an astonishing atmosphere and unique choices of cocktails. SKY36 puts together its energetic party theme of a nightclub basis as well as a chill-out ambiance of a high-end lounge, designed to captivate those looking for a delicate and refined hang-out spot. Thereupon, if you are still wondering where to impress your lover, then change to something brand new and spritely as this wonderful place.

What do you think about this SKYBAR36?

What do you think about this SKYBAR36?

Danang Sunwheel

One of the first things we would probably pay attention to when Google-ing tours for couples in Danang can come with this huge Ferris wheel as a result. Though during daytime it can stand there simply as a big, concrete construction, yet throughout night-time, it changes to a stunningly illuminated with neon lights highlighting the night sky of this Central city. The Sun Wheel, as it is named, marks the entrance to Asia Park, a newly built amusement park of the city where Sun Wheel is its central point. The Wheel is 115 meters in height, which makes it one of the highest Ferris wheels on the planet Earth.

SunWheel Danang is made just for you

SunWheel Danang is made just for you

Then, try thinking about the moment there are only you two in the cabin staring at each other with love eyes. Beyond, spending time with one another up high in the Vietnam sky can leave you all a breathtaking sight that you never ever forget.

And just like I always say to myself, if you are in love, every day is a Valentine’s Day, and everywhere you two-step to is full of best romance. Every single corner in Vietnam reveals its own finest angles of love you can find, and Danang is, therefore, one of them. Let this guide help you make the most of this city in the best amount of time.




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