Quang noodles – The most excellent king of Danang food


Danang is the city of countless delicious dishes and fascinating restaurants. And one of the most special Danang food that we cannot miss is Quang noodles. It has been ruling the roost in the city for so many years, inspiring numerous local people as well as tourists. There are two main reasons why Quang noodles are so famous in Vietnam cuisine.

The first is its unique combination of various ingredients and the other is vegetables.

1. Main ingredients

Slicing rice noodles

Slicing rice noodles

Quang noodles have its very own taste in both of the broth and strips.

When ordering the dish, you will see the cook put a layer of raw vegetables into the bottom of a bowl and add noodles to it. The broth has a deep yellow color with a greasy flavor. Having the dish with a few roasted peanuts, chopped green onions, lemons, and chili peppers, you can feel an even fattier, sourer, and hotter taste.

To make the strips of noodles, the food handlers usually use husked rice, dip it in water, and grind it into powder. Rice powder is spread on a large round and flat pan to make rice noodles. Then, the cooks have to cut them into thin slices before processing them.

Today, there are some machines that the cooks can use to cut the noodles faster and ensure higher food hygiene. Due to the husked rice, the strips of noodles have a deep color instead of white.

While the noodles are spread and boiled, the cooks often apply peanut oil on them. That is the reason why you can experience a completely nutty taste when taking some first bites. The phase that requires the most sophisticated skills from the cooks is rice noodles spreading.

Noodles are considered delicious while they are not too soft or crumbly. Hence, if the strips of noodles are too thin or thick, they may get broken easily. As a result, the dish will have no attraction to table companions.

2. Vegetables

A full set of Quang noodles

A full set of Quang noodles

Although noodles are the soul of the food, vegetables play a crucial role in making Quang noodles a must-eat in Danang. Commonplace raw vegetables in this dish consist of 9 types: young cabbage, fresh salad, basils, bean sprouts, Vietnamese coriander, cilantro, chopped green onions, and sliced banana flowers.

Perhaps, it is the reason why although Quang noodles are greasy and have little broth, you barely get your appetite cloyed or dried. Letting the broth absorb into the strips and vegetables is the best way to create the best taste for the dish.

In today’s time, the dish has got many variants, contributing to the diversity of Danang food. Chicken, beef, rib side, frog, shrimp, grilled chopped meat, and jellyfish noodles are some examples. In Danang, Quang noodles are a common food and served in numerous street restaurants as well as markets. The locals usually have the dish for breakfast with 15,000 – 25,000 dongs/dish (about 66 cents – $1.1).

Despite no customers being forced to pay higher prices for the dish, some famous restaurants still charge tourists a great amount of money. Therefore, you can look for several less well-known ones where the locals often visit. We will show you some reliable suggestions in our Danang food guides today.

7 best restaurants that only the local knows:

Quang noodles

Quang noodles

  • Tam Restaurant – Snakehead Fish Quang Noodles: 65 Vu Ngoc Phan Street, Lien Chieu District

The location is plain to find. The space of the restaurant is clean and airy. Raw vegetables here, especially mustard greens, are fresh. Snakehead fishes are sweet and crispy.

  • Hong Van Jellyfish Quang Noodles: 56 Le Hong Phong Street, Hai Chau District

One little bowl taking only 20,000 dongs (about 88 cents) has all types of ingredients. You will have a full meal with shrimps, jellyfishes, and roasted cinnamon pork.

  • Tam Ky Chicken Quang Noodles: 51 Thai Thi Boi Street, Thanh Khe District

The restaurant is quite little so you should pay attention while looking for it. Chicken is soft and not friable and the broth is perfectly seasoned.

  • Dong Que Quang Noodles: 46 Nguyen Huu Tho Street, Hai Chau District

Services here are incredibly excellent. The restaurant also has countless types of Quang noodles so you can pick out an appropriate one for your flavor.

  • Ba Anh Quang Noodles: K152/4 Phan Thanh Street, Thanh Khe District

If you decide to come here on weekdays, you should arrive early because it is quite crowded. Each Quang noodle dish has fresh and clean ingredients. And you can have full energy for a new day when trying it in the morning.

  • Hai Man Quang Noodles: 268 Tran Phu Street, Hai Chau District

Every dish in this restaurants is extremely well made. In spite of rustic style of decorations, it is attracted by diverse and tasty dishes.

  • Ba Lac Quang Noodles: 42 Dao Duy Anh Street, Hai Chau District

Snakehead fish and eel Quang noodles here are very charming. Thus, you should come early because the restaurant runs out of them very quickly. It opens in early morning until 1 pm and re-opens at 4 pm until 8 pm every day.

Whatever reasons you visit Danang for, traveling or business, you should try Quang noodles, one of the most popular Danang food once.

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