Round up the summer with Vietnam countryside tours


August is the last summer month when you can spend time travelling and chilling out. It, therefore, calls for the most unforgettable experiences and mesmerizing trips so that when the vacation is over, you won’t have to regret having used time wastefully. After 2 months of noisy parties, you would probably want to embark on countryside tours to enjoy peaceful moments and recharge your batteries. So today, I will introduce to you a list of top countryside spots that you should visit during your travel to Vietnam. Let’s have a look!

Long Ho District (Vinh Long Province)

Long Ho is the most successful district in Vinh Long Province, Vietnam to establish a modern model of Vietnamese countryside. Many tourists who have visited Long Ho all agree that the landscape with rivers, green trees and delicious fruits is the ideal place to relax and wander around.


Travelling by boat in Southern Vietnam

Long Ho District consists of 4 villages including Hoa Ninh, An Binh, Binh Hoa Phuoc and Dong Phu, located between Tien and Co Chien Rivers. The cool weather here facilitates aquaculture and river tourism country. It is also suitable for the growth and development of special fruit trees in the Mekong Delta area. In recent years, Long Ho has taken advantage of these favorable natural conditions to develop countryside tourism.

Tourists are very fond of the unique features of Long Ho District. Nowadays, there are more and more attractive activities such as visiting endangered animals, participating in recreational games such as going fishing, doing gardens, catching fish, catching crocodiles, riding ostrich, yachting, river bathing, etc.

Cam Thanh Village (Hoi An Ancient Town, Quang Nam Province)


Sailing on river in Cam Thanh Village

From central Hoi An Ancient Town, you can get to the village by car or boat from Hoi An harbor. Under the heat of summer, Cam Thanh is like a peaceful shelter hidden in green coconut gardens. It has proved to be a must-go spot in all Vietnam countryside tours.

Those who visit Cam Thanh for the first time all have a deep impression about forests with hundreds of hectares of coconut trees stretching near Cua Dai. Cam Thanh is not only the green lung of the ancient town but also the ecological mangrove water area which is home to numerous flora and fauna species.

What can be more interesting than sailing to enjoy the fresh atmosphere while below is a flock of fish swimming, above are bird nests? It can be said that for all visitors, especially foreign tourists, it is very interesting to have a chance to visit Cam Thanh ecological countryside to do farming, picking up vegetables, going fish, plowing and even riding buffalo in the fields. It’s so hard to believe that the quiet village used to be a wartorn land.


A corner of Cam Thanh village

Triem Tay Village (Quang Nam Province)

Located just a Thu Bon River away from Hoian Ancient Town, Triem Tay Village is the place that you should travel to at least once in your life to learn more about Quang Nam Province. The spot is another notable suggestion for trips to Vietnam countryside.

Triem Tay consists of many residential areas, separated by lands of trees. All of the houses and hotels are very close to the nature. So if you are a green space lover, Triem Tay is an ideal destination for your holiday.


A house in Triem Tay village

At noon, while resting in a garden house, you’ll see green leaves, white clouds, peaceful rivers that calm your mind. The successful model of Triem Tay Village has inspired the visitors to appreciate the beauty of rural Vietnam and the value of living in harmony with nature.


Tourists visiting Triem Tay Village

Chay Lap Village (Quang Binh Province)

Quang Binh is now a top destination in the best tours in Vietnam. Besides beaches, mountains, and caves, the province also boasts countryside areas which are perfect spots for relaxation. If you are looking for Vietnam countryside tours, Chay Lap is a nice suggestion for you.

The village is situated about 65km from Donghoi city. In Chay Lap, tourists are warmly welcomed by the residents. At Chay Lap farmstay, you will stay in traditional wooden houses set up in the middle of the gardens. An old house with many columns was built on a small ground. The pillars are made of wood, they can be removed and rebuilt elsewhere. The houses have become a symbol of rustic and simple living.

If you travel by Kayak boat, leaving the countryside Chay Lap, you will get to Dark cave and meet long-tailed douc langur living on limestone cliffs. It’s time to immerse in the natural beauty of this place.

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