The Golden Bridge, a must-visit tourist attraction in Da Nang


Recently, Da Nang has a new destination that attracts a number of tourists to explore, check-in, and appears in every social website, tourist community, and Vietnam tour operators. It is the Golden Bridge. The Golden Bridge starts to welcome tourists for a short time, but it is truly famous because of the special architecture and excellent beauty. So, what creates the special attraction of this bridge? Let’s explore this together.


The Golden Bridge

The Golden Bridge is a new construction in Thien Thai Garden of Sun World Ba Na Hills. It is started to be built in July 2017 and finished in April 2018. Although it is a new tourist attraction, there are a number of visitors want to come and admire this unique bridge. The Vietnam travel review also has many good evaluations for it because of the special architecture as well as the wonderful view that travelers can feel when visiting the bridge for the first time.


Another corner of the bridge

Located on the height of 1,400 meters, the Golden Bridge is nearly 150 meters long with 8 spans. The longest span is 21.2 meters long. The most famous feature of the bridge is two giant hands lifting the bridge like a young woman lifting a silk strip hiding in the clouds of Da Nang. CNN had described “the giant mossy hand looks like that it has been there for centuries”. Coming to the bridge, you will be surprised by the spectacular beauty among the immense green forest. Moreover, when you stand on the bridge, you will be attracted by the amazing beauty below.

The surface of the bridge is made of Marawan Giaza with 3 meters wide, 5 centimeters thick. Along the aisles are planted a lot of Green Queen flowers, which make you feel like going among the Elysium. Besides, the handrail is made of stainless steel and gilded, which made the bridge become more brilliant in the sunlight. This is one of the reasons why it called the Golden Bridge.


The view from the bridge

If you are familiar with many famous bridges in Da Nang such as Dragon Bridge, Han River Bridge, the unique architecture of the Golden Bridge will absolutely make an impression on you. Many Vietnam local tour operators suggest that it is one of the must-visit destinations in Da Nang that tourists cannot miss if they want to have the most beautiful photos, along with the memorable feelings.


Walking on the bridge

You will not only have a chance to admire the amazing beauty of this construction but also enjoy the majestic scenery of the surrounding forest. Particularly, walking on the bridge brings you the feeling of wandering on the clouds and exploring the beautiful below scene. This will be an unforgettable experience for all visitors when taking time here. This great destination will satisfy the hardest tourists with its unique attractiveness.

Many good comments for the Golden Bridge appear in a lot of newspapers as well as websites. The Guardian (English) said that the Golden Bridge has reached to be a picturesque attraction, not just a simple construction. National Geographic described “A giant stone pair of hands emerges among the green mountain of Vietnam, lifting a brilliant bridge to the sky”. Especially, the Independence (England) puts the Golden Bridge in the list of top 10 “unbelievable” bridges in all over the world.


The golden bridge from above

We can see that Da Nang is not only famous for the amazing natural scenery but also the unique construction built from human’s brain and hands displaying the beauty of the city in a special way. HelloVietnam tour operator suggests that the Golden Bridge is the newest tourist attraction in Vietnam that you should discover for the next journey.

The above are some interesting things about art construction, also a great destination in Da Nang. It will be truly ideal for you to explore the bridge at least once. Hopefully, this information provided by Vietnam tour operators will bring you a nice trip to Da Nang with a lot of unforgettable experiences.

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