Vietnam tour operators review -Top 5 cities to celebrate Christmas


Christmas is a precious occasion when families can spend time together. The following cities in Vietnam are the most ideal destinations for your holiday. Read some Vietnam tour operators review in the content below and you will understand why these cities are so excellent.



Danang Christmas

Among the best tours in Vietnam, Danang is always one of the most prominent places. And celebrating Christmas in this city is even more wonderful. There are various activities for both tourists and local people to join in.

Christmas is an occasion when you can forget about all of the sorrows and have a life in the slow lane. It would be best to do that while walking on the famous streets and bridges in Danang. You will see how the city is fully decorated with many types of lights and colors. Han River Bridge, Dragon Bridge, or the Bridge of Love are several outstanding suggestions for you.

If you are an expat, having dinner with Christmas special dishes is a great idea. Cod with cream and mustard, simmered veal, and turkeys are served in quite many downtown restaurants. Another hobby of numerous people is to find a rooftop bar or coffee shop and order some snacks or drinks. The whole city can be so familiar to you if you are open-minded.



Hanoi Christmas

Christmas is becoming more common in Hanoi. So you will definitely have a great time here. The most crowded place is probably the St. Joseph’s Cathedral area. Because the church is located near the Old Quarter, not only Christians but also the local tourists visit it.

As the main area of Catholic activities, it is often decorated splendidly on Christmas day. You will have a chance to listen to hymns and enjoy a true celebration. In case you like some other less crowded destinations, Hoan Kiem Lake or Hang Ma Street are some perfect places. Especially, since the night market opened around the Hoan Kiem Lake area will surprise you with hundreds of kiosks.

Royal City and Times City are also several famous malls for tourists in Hanoi. They are usually ornamented with pine trees, reindeers, sparkling lights, and angels, making visitors feel extremely excited. Don’t miss your chance to have the best Christmas in your life.

Ho Chi Minh City


Ho Chi Minh city Christmas

To domestic visitors, Ho Chi Minh City is a familiar spot in Vietnam private tour. As the largest city in the country, Ho Chi Minh City will not disappoint you.

Unlike Hanoi, Christmas here is more eventful and full of activities. Besides visiting the Saigon Notre Dame Basilica, spending your night on Nguyen Hue Pedestrian Street is an excellent suggestion. Dancers and music are everywhere. Christmas ornaments make the street look like a luxurious party that everyone can attend.

Your kids will love joining those. Particularly, people wearing Santa Claus costumes appear in almost all places. So remember to take photos of your children. They will love that.

In case you want to party all night with your friends, don’t hesitate to visit restaurants on Bui Vien Street or bars and pubs in the city. They are opened until 4 am every day and you will have the longest Christmas ever.



Dalat Christmas

This is probably the most romantic destination in Vietnam to celebrate Christmas. Having wonderful weather, Dalat is a perfect spot for travelers all over the world. In winter, the temperature here only gets a little lower than 20 Celsius degree. So people can still go out and have fun during the Christmas time.

Moreover, there are no street lights in this city and the number of vehicles is not excessive. Therefore, traffic jam barely happens and the atmosphere is incredibly fresh.

One of the most prominent features that you can notice when visiting Dalat is that flowers are everywhere. The citizens here seem to love blossoms so much that they grow them in various places. You will find a great number of clusters of flowers along the streets, in the pots hanging on street lamps, and on balconies of houses.

Christmas is also the time when Flower Festival is celebrated. If you are lucky, you will have a chance to contemplate statues made from blossoms and different types of flowers.



Sapa Christmas

Sapa has become so common, especially in Vietnam tour packages from US. There are no other better places for you to see snow falling like in Sapa.

The domestic tourists are often very excited to see snow because Vietnam is in the tropical zone. Thus, you will find quite many Vietnamese visiting the town with you. Christmas in Sapa is exceptional because there are many traditional performances that you can enjoy.

Love duets, traditional musical performances, and folk games are several popular activities here. Moreover, Fire Jumping Festival, celebrated by Red Yao Ethnic Group in Sapa is a promising event. You will absolutely be surprised at their unique culture.

And according to a Vietnam tour operators review, Sapa Winter will come back this year. So you should prepare cameras well in order to capture the parades and performances. On Christmas day, they will be extremely magnificent.

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