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Visit Non Nuoc Fine Art Village in a Danang tour


Non Nuoc Fine Art village is one of the must-see destinations in Danang – the most beautiful city in Vietnam. Today, helloVietnam – the best travel agency in Vietnam – will take you to this pretty village to explore the interesting traditional career of carving stone statues of this village in a Vietnam tailor-made tour.

1. Location

Non Nuoc fine art village is located at the foot of Ngu Hanh Son Mountain – a very famous tourist site in Danang. This village is in Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son district, Danang city. Therefore this pretty village has a gorgeous scenery, fresh atmosphere and a natural source of stones to develop their traditional career of carving and sculpture stone statues. Visiting this village with a Vietnam travel agency, you can see a lot of artistic and sophisticated stone statues made by skillful craftsmen in Non Nuoc.


[Non Nuoc village on Ngu Hanh Son Mountain foot]

2. History

Non Nuoc Fine Art village has been existing for a very long time. According to elder craftsmen in this village, Non Nuoc village was founded nearly 200 years ago, in the late 18th century. The person who founded this fine art village is Huynh Ba Quat from Thanh Hoa. When he settled in the mountain foot of Ngu Hanh Son, he found out that mountain is a jade stone mountain, which is a great source of materials for making decorating items. Then, he took the stone home in his free time to carve it into headstones, pestles, and mortars, millstones, etc.


[Ngu Hanh Son]

His products were popular at that time. More and more people knew and bought his products, bringing him a big income. Then, he began to think of turning that leisure activity into a job which brings about earnings in spare time. And he taught this career for his descendants and other villagers.


[Stone statues in Non Nuoc]

After that, they started to exploit the stones from Ngu Hanh Son Mountain, and make tools, objects for their daily life to earn the money, such as millstones, pestles and mortars, tombstones, and more complicated decorating statues such as Phoenix, Dragon, Tortoise to supply for pagodas, temples, royal tombs, and palaces, etc. After hundreds of years, the stone carving career in Non Nuoc has become more and more developing and more families in this village took in this career.

3. Stone sculptures of Non Nuoc

Visiting Non Nuoc village, you can easily buy some beautiful souvenir of stone sculptures with high artistic value made by the skillful hands of craftsmen in this village. You will be deeply impressed by the sophisticated patterns and details in these sculptures, and the smooth surface of the surface of the items. These sculptures are made from the jade stones that can only be found in Ngu Hanh Son Mountain. You can find a lot of sophisticated sculptures made in various shapes with different beauty and meanings.


[Pretty Non Nuoc village]

Each sculpture is a meticulous and precise artistic work of skillful craftsmen in this village. As many Vietnam travel reviews, visiting Non Nuoc Fine Art village, you can explore the process the craftsmen making a stone sculpture in this village, see them punching, hewing, piercing, polishing, etc. to make a beautiful and delicate product. You can also feel their great passion and love for their work. Throughout many generations, this career has still been preserved and developed. They also hold many training courses for children, in which children will be taught art, sculpture, and painting by famous artists and experts in this field.


[Stone garden in Non Nuoc]

Products of Non Nuoc village are famous not only in Vietnam but also in many other countries like the USA, Australia, Japan, etc. They are greatly welcomed by foreign tourists thanks to high quality and nice designs. Stone sculptures in Non Nuoc are not only beautiful but also diverse in design, size, and types. There are cups, bowls, plates, statues of the Great Buddha, Bodhisattva, etc., decorating items, from as-small-as-a-finger items to giant statues.


[Products of Non Nuoc village]

Coming to Danang, you should visit Non Nuoc Fine Art village with the best travel agency in Vietnam to enjoy a nice cultural tour, explore a traditional career of Vietnam, and buy some lovely souvenirs. This must-see village will give you an exciting trip and memorable experience in Vietnam.


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