Danang is one of the most beautiful and ideal destinations for a Vietnam tour for couple in this country. Besides stunning beaches, historical sites, delicious foods, Danang also has a lot of pretty coffee shops where you can enjoy a nice afternoon, have a tasty drink, and relax. You can also take some pretty photos of your Vietnam honeymoon tour and have great moments.

1. Art Hotel Danang Café

Located close to Han River Bridge, Art Hotel Danang Café is one of the most famous and attractive coffee shops in this city. It attracts a great number of visitors not only its artistic outer design and decoration but also the splendid interior with the young and modern design. Moreover, there are a lot of drinks with the amazing taste you can try.

Art Hotel Danang Café

The interior of the café is divided into two parts. The first floor is a lovely and tidy space with light color combined harmoniously and a lot of large artistic paintings. There are also live music and souvenir desks. In the second floor is a good choice for those who love the nature. You can enjoy the wonderful view which looking directly at Han River Bridge, feeling the cool wind, and relax. In each table, there is a small pretty plant pot, which will make you feel really fresh and energetic.

2. The Garden Coffee

Step on this coffee shop, you will feel like you got lost in a white seaside heaven. With the ideal seaside location, it would be a wonderful place for a relaxing day in instrumental music, peaceful and fresh atmosphere, and wonderful drinks. Moreover, this shop is designed and decorated beautifully. Although the price of drinks there is quite high, it’s still a nice destination for a great tour for couple in Vietnam.

The Garden Coffee

 3. Pavillion Garden

This coffee shop is a perfect combination of the Western style of an ancient European and the traditional beauty of Vietnam with a vintage brick floor. Pavillion Garden has a spacious interior and three floors with the different arrangements of tables, chairs, and other decorating items. It makes each floor really unique and “cool” and makes you feel really amazed and refreshing in every garden and balcony of each floor. The balconies are always the best impressive part of this coffee shop where you have the best view of the city and surrounding area.

Pavillion Garden

4. Cong Coffee

Cong Coffee a widely well-known brand name all over Vietnam, and so is it in Danang. This coffee shop will bring you back to Vietnam in the 1980s when our country had just been liberated. The shop is decorated with familiar objects of Vietnam at that time. And the “best seller” drink of Cong Coffee is coffee with thick coconut milk. It’s amazingly delicious with black thick coffee combined with greasy and thick coconut milk, and a cream layer over the cup. It’s absolutely an unforgettable flavor of your Vietnam tour.

Cong Coffee in Danang

5. 85 Design Café

Container café could be familiar with the young nowadays, but 85 Design Café is really different as it’s located in hanging containers with an absolutely creative and “cool”. It will make you extremely impressed, amazed, and astonished. Although its location is not really ideal, it’s still one of the “hottest” destinations in this city with a new, unique, and modern design.

85 Design Café

Moreover, you will be very excited with the large, lush, and beautiful garden of 85 Design. This coffee shop is most stunning in the sunset when the light is turning off, you can feel the wind blowing through your hair, and enjoy a romantic atmosphere in the sparkling lights. It would be a great choice for your wonderful Vietnam tour for couple in Danang.

6. Golem Coffee

Unlike other coffee shops, Golem has a poetic and simple design. The furniture of this café is mainly made from wood, from tables, chairs, doors, bookshelves in the shop to the swing in the garden. The wooden furniture is diverse in shapes and colors, so you won’t feel bored when visiting there for a drink. If you are seeking for a classical and peaceful atmosphere in this busy and bustling city, you should go to Golem.

Golem Coffee

These are the top 6 beautiful and impressive coffee shops in Danang. There are many other attractive ones you can visit for an enjoyable tea break in this city. Just come and enjoy, you would be really enchanted.

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