Visiting 5 impressive villages in Sapa


Since a long time ago, the ethnic minority people have lived friendly and peacefully together, creating a harmonious community in the Northwest area. Anywhere in the villages of Sapa, visitors will always find out the unique charms of natural beauty as well as the lifestyle of the local people, which bring you endless inspiration and indescribable feelings. Among numerous villages, the 5 most outstanding ones are mentioned and discussed below.

Cat Cat Village

Located about 2 km from Sapa town center (Lao Cai province) and under the majestic Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range, Cat Cat Village is home to the H’mong ethnic group. Visiting Cat Cat, visitors will have an opportunity to learn the rustic lifestyle of the local people, the beautiful natural scenery and discover many other interesting things.


Cat Cat Village

With the wild but majestic, romantic nature, it is not surprising that tourists will fall in love with the beautiful scenery in Cat Cat Village at first sight during their Vietnam tours. Wandering around Cat Cat, you are also able to see the pretty little houses on the mountainside, the men doing farming, the women weaving looms and the naughty little children playing together. In addition, visitors can also participate in growing rice, harvesting corn, weaving and making agricultural tools with the friendly locals here! A day in Cat Cat will undoubtedly bring you a lot of fun and meaningful experiences in upland life.

Sin Chai Village

Sin Chai Village is in the northernmost point of Sapa District, 4 km from the town center, which is quite pristine and quiet. As well as other villages in the Northwest area, Sin Chai Village is surrounded by nature, in harmony with the fresh air, thus it has recently become an interesting new tourist destination attracting both domestic and international visitors.


Smile of small children in Sapa

In Sin Chai Village, not only can travelers admire the rice paddy fields, corn fields but also see the fresh fruits and vegetable gardens, which create the unique colors adorning the scene here. When the sun rises, you can have a walk around the village to get the golden sunshine or watch the brilliant sunsets in the windy afternoon or chat with the elderly people next to the kitchen fire when the night falls, etc. Those are all considered as the top things to do in Sapa to have a memorable trip.

Ta Van Village

During Sapa tours, after cross the 10-km winding path around the hills, tourists will reach Ta Van. This village lies at the foot of Muong Hoa valley. The residents living here are mostly the Giay ethnic minority and some other ethnic groups.

The scenery Ta Van is so dream-like and poetic that attracts a lot of people coming here every year. Whenever mentioning about Ta Van Village, people will instantly remember the beautiful and glittering terraced fields in the pouring water season like a giant mirror reflecting the whole village or the golden picture of fully ripe rice plants in the harvest season. At the same time, tourists can easily find the images of hard-working, diligent of local people in the immense fields.



Ta Van Village, a must-visit destination in any Vietnam group tours to the North, will help you relax, temporarily put aside the busy daily life and totally be immersed in the fresh atmosphere and the exciting, unforgettable moments.

Ta Phin Village

Ta Phin Village is where the Dao and H’mong ethnic groups live. It is about 12 km from the center of Sapa Town. Ta Phin is one of the highland villages in the Northwest which attracts a large number of tourists, photographers and trekkers coming to explore, enjoy its wild, amazing beauty.

Besides the natural landscape as well as the cool air, Ta Phin is a place of many natural and mysterious caves with cliffs in strange shapes and sparkling stalactites. Moreover, tourists will also get to know the unique traditional culture through many festivals, rituals, customs and daily life habits of the people here. Visitors will definitely admire the colorful costumes, enjoy the highland specialties, experience herbal bath and engage in the rustic life with the native Ta Phin people.


Herbal bathing in Ta Phin

Ho Village

Going 30km to the southwest to Ho Village, visitors will be able to explore the harmonious beauty of nature and people here. Ho Village is believed to be one of the great villages that cannot be missed in any travel to Sapa Vietnam. In particular, Ho Village is famous for the zigzag paths, the undulating hills, the soft streams, majestic waterfalls along with the rich vegetation. The more you visit this village, the more impressed you will be in front of the charming nature here.

In addition to that, Ho Village is also known for homestay services, which are very suitable for those who want to experience living in the stilt houses, enjoying the local dishes, living together with the local people.

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