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Waterfall sliding in Phú Thành, Danang – Why not?


Proudly name as one of the most worth-living cities in Vietnam, Danang is gradually enhancing into one of the leading metropolia in Southeast Asia thanks to Mother Nature.

In spite of the fact that when putting into the comparison with other two biggest metropolitan cities in the North, Hanoi and the South, Saigon, Danang never fails to prove itself to be a flickering focal point of the country, especially in recent years. Retaining top things to do in Vietnam, such as interesting entertainment at night time, pristine beaches or amazing cuisine, Danang has by far attracted countless of local and foreign visitors every single year. In addition, ecotourism is a new form of travel for those who are in search of the “off the beaten track” kind of tour. Waterfall sliding is a highlight at Hoà Phú Thành Tourism Park that may draw your attention when traveling to Danang, Vietnam. Take a further look at this hidden attraction to see what actually makes Danang become appealing as days go by.


The best feeling ever

The waterfall sliding zone has been open for tourists since February 2013. The site is fully equipped with brand new interesting activities. Owning a distinctive specialty, the zone is designed with rivers and streams sneaking through an over 3-kilometer distance, shadowed by greenish shady trees.


On the stream

Hòa Phú Thành is one of the best ecotourism parks you may find across the country. Located in Hoà Vang District, Danang City, the site has been progressively one of the most sought-after travel spots of families in the city. The best highlight at Hoà Phú Thành is waterfall sliding. To those who favor adventurous activities, this ecotourism park is definitely not able to be skipped. Beyond, if you are an outlander traveler and aspire a Vietnam private tour, consider paying a visit to this hidden site.


Water sliding

Signing up for a waterfall sliding turn at Hoà Phú Thành, you will be requested to sit on a buoy with its maximum capacity of 2 people at once. After getting equipped with a life jacket and safety clothing, you will then be instructed about taking part in the sliding process. From then on, you will be conquering a winding stream running over 2.5 kilometers with a lot of harsh slopes along with whirlpools of all size.


The first zip line in Danang

However, if you are joining with a group of friends or family and not so keen on adventurous activities, you can freely choose to hire a boat and a life jacket for your own boat-sailing tour or swimming in a stream. There is a lake at the end whose water level is slightly hollow, so do not worry and feel free to wallow in the cool water in the middle of a hot sunny day.

Last but not least, waterfall sliding is not everything you are offered at Hoà Phú Thành Ecotourism Park. Visiting this site, you can have an opportunity to join in the first zip line in Danang City, which is usually seen in the best private tours in Vietnam. The zip line is more than 300 meters in the total round trip, which was put for operation in 2015, with 2 highly safe zip lines for participants. Plenty of foreign and native architects had contributed their ideas for the designation of Hoà Phú Thành Ecotourism Park, alongside with amazing highly qualified workers coming from all over the country. The park has accordingly turned into one of the favorite recreation zones for local Vietnamese.

There are not enough words to express how captivating Danang City can be. Long known as the most essential destination in the Central region of the S-shaped country, this coastal city, in a fusion with Huế, an ancient capital, and Hoian, a UNESCO recognized Old Quarter, offer tourists with magnificent pristine landscapes, up-scales accommodation, authentic Vietnamese cuisine and various activities that simply cannot be counted. Hence, if you are planning a journey crossing this area, do not forget to drop by Danang, seek for the best Vietnam private tour and get for yourself the most memorable moments at Hoà Phú Thành Ecotourism Park.

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