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Why Hoi An and Da Nang are the best choices for your central Vietnam group tours

Central Vietnam has become the favorite tourist attraction these years for the impressive sea views, interesting amusement parks, and beach escape. If you are wondering where to go during your vacation, why don’t you check out this article to get some recommendations and find out the reasons why Danang and Hoi An are undoubtedly the perfect choices for your central Vietnam group tour this April.

Gorgeous beaches

When coming to central Vietnam, no one can resist of the charming of beautiful beaches in Danang and Hoi An.

If you are looking for a place to relax after hard days of work, My Khe Beach would be the ideal option with breath-taking sea views, crystal-clear water, and many interesting outside activities like parasailing, diving, and fishing. Voted in the top six of most charming beaches in the world by Forbes in 2005, this gorgeous beach has become the popular destination for leisure travelers.


Gorgeous My Khe Beach at dawn

Not famous as My Khe, Cua Dai Beach in Hoi An is still the favorite summer tourist spot for both local and foreign travelers with its luxurious resorts, five-star hotels, and lovely villas. Cua Dai Beach is the river mouth of Thu Bon River, hence, it has a large amount of fish concentrating there. When visiting Cua Dai, you should not miss the chance to go fishing on a coracle, a kind of round small boat of local people.

The unique culture and historical value

Hoi An is known as a famous cross-culture center amongst Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese in the 17th century. The cultural diversity in Hoi An can be seen in the architecture of local houses and old buildings, traditional handicraft, and many festivals.


Chua Cau – the Hoian’s symbol

Chua Cau (Japanese Bridge), the icon of Hoi An, is the place you should never miss during your central Vietnam group tour. Chua Cau was built in the late 16th century by Japanese traders in order to connect with the China town on the other side of the stream. Nowadays, the ancient bridge is regarded as an emblematic of Hoi An for its Japanese-inspired design and historical value.


Hoi An at night

Once traveling Hoi An, you will be able to explore the Old Quarter where you can observe many ancient buildings and join in Fullmoon Lantern Festival that is celebrated monthly in this town.

Breath-taking nature beauty

If you are a nature lover or a photographer who love to catch wonderful moments of blue sea, long-stretching sand beach, and forest-covered mountains, Danang is absolutely the place to come.

Located 10 km to the Northeastern Danang, Son Tra Peninsula attracts both local and foreign tourists for its pristine beauty and the biodiversity. Son Tra is the natural habitat of douc langurs, an endangered primate which is protected in Son Tra Nature Reserve. Once setting your foot on Son Tra, you will be able to observe and learn about the unique ecosystem but you can enjoy the pure, fresh atmosphere and admire the picturesque scenery as well.


Douc langurs in Son Tra Peninsula

Delicious local food

The reason that makes Da Nang has become one of the best places to come in central Vietnam is its outstanding cuisine. For those who love seafood and local specialties, we would like to recommend some address for your central group tour.


We recommend Ba Thoi restaurant – 98,100,102 Lê Đình Dương – Hải Châu.

Banh xeo

This crispy pancake is common in all the north, the south, and the center of Vietnam, however, banh xeo in Danang has its own special taste that you cannot find anywhere else. We recommend Ba Duong restaurant – K280/23 Hoang Dieu Street.

Nem lui

If you are into grilled dishes, we recommend Xuan restaurant – 491 Hai Phong

Mi Quang

And finally, Mi Quang is the outstanding one in Danang food. Mi Quang is a unique food that you should not miss in your Danang tour. We recommend Ba Vi restaurant – 155 Trung Nu Vuong Street.

We hope that with our suggestions, you will be able to experience a wonderful time in one of the best tourist city during your central Vietnam group tour!

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